More Single Cycle Waveforms

Hi all,

Just to let you know about a huge (4350+) single-cycle waveform pack that has been released recently.

I noticed it on KVR forums but it’s worth posting here if you use the ‘Renoise-as-a-synth’ method.

AKWK pack

Hope you enjoy them!

Awesome!, thanks to that webpage you posted, i found out about an awesome little and cheap synth called Shruthi-1, so now i’m gonna save up and buy it :D

thanx again man.

EDIT: oh yeah, i got the single cycle pack too :D

Could we get more added to the sample pack that comes with Renoise.

as a matter of fact i think renoise should come totally stripped out, no samples, no instruments, and instead developing a huge sound database on perhap a lua tool so you can browse for instrument within renoise.

But great pack OP, I already dl’ed

Renoise 2.6 users can also easily make their own single cycle waves using Custom Wave Generator

Kind of off-topic, but it’s been a while since I visited, and thanks to IT-Alien’s post I have now discovered the Renoise Tools thing…freaking amazing. :o Renoise development never ceases to surprise and amaze me…

heyho, did some test`s with single cycles some month ago.


there are 10k single cycles at post #9


Thanks a galaxy.

maybe these could be added to the custom wave generator??or some of them