The Renoise Synth Experiment

hiho renoisers :)

maybe this is something interesting for some people.

the idea was to build up a small expandable synth inside renoise, ofcause not as flexible like a real vsti as you can`t play different notes directly. rather a synth to make my own samples.

first of all i was searching the www for some single cycle waves and luckily i found a huge 5 MB package containing 600+ sc waves.

then i made a small setup in renoise

what i build up for a small test is:

60 single cycle waves all tuned to " C "
8 oscillators (each with a filter and lfo setup)
2 send channels (osc 1-4 going to osc mix 1, 5-8 to osc mix 2)

i`ve played with this setup and made some sounds and it was a lot of fun, so i decided to share this idea with you.

i know that this isnt something special at all, its quite simple but the results are good anyway.
what i like about this idea is that i can setup as much oscillator as i want, each with own effects.
there is also the posibility to make multisamples but that`s a lot of work ;)

i put together a zip file with my setup (“startup.xrns”), some demosounds (".wav and .xrns") and all sc waves.
if you like to use more single cylce waves you have to tune them as they have all different basenotes, i do
this with a plugin called “c-tuner” which is also included to the package.

[the package](

have fun!
use renoise 2.5 RC1!


Nice! I’ve done many similar experiments and it taught me a lot about soundscaping, how to realize certain sounds you’re after, how they’re build up from scratch… Thanks for the pack! I’ve always used the SC’s that come with Renoise (sine, square, triangle and their children), so your additions are very very welcome! Not to mention to see how you manipulated the sounds, looking forward to taking a few peeks ;) It’s amazing how much you can do with so little resources. Sometimes people ask me how I get such thick bass, while it’s nothing more than some SC-layering with internal Renoise DSP’s.

Thanks a bunch!

ive done a small demo tune using the sounds in the package only. so you dont have to download the 50 mbs if you dont like :)

this is ofcause unmastered and there is also no real mixdown. just put this together in 30 min.


No problem, downloading at the office, ha! :P Having more SC at my disposal is what I need most, and for that I thank thee! I understand it’s unmastered, it wouldn’t make much sense to master such an experiment anyway, right? The process is more important than the result, I figure :)

you can download the RC1 :D

hope you have fun with the SC`s and i like to hear something new from you then :) and yes, the process is the important thing.

Nice one mate!

I’d come to the conclusion you must do from saying you just use Renoise and samples. You definitely seem to have a good grasp of it, I’ve barely really played about that way yet so this should come in useful :)

Well, it’s a very nerdy way of setting things up. You’re almost literally programming sound, but I find Renoise incredibly powerful in sound manipulation. Sometimes I take it for granted, but I’ve entered a few competitions over at dubstepforum and came to fully realize the flexibility of Renoise, when people asked how often the bass was resampled, what synth was used, post-processing… Ha! Nothing but one square wave, lowshelf filter lfo’ed, chorus DSP, 01xx, 02xx and 0Fxx! And it’s EASY! I have a loooong way to go with soundscaping, I can only imagine the full range of possibilities, that’s why I’m very grateful for Kasmo’s demo pack: new tricks! :D

just found new sc`s !


2 scroll down to the middle of the page.


together with my package you have nearly 10k sc`s :D

edit: added another link i`ve forgotten!

Ok it didn’t finish downloading and now it’s saying this:

You don’t have permission to access /renoise on this server.”


i had that problem too but now it looks like it`s working again.

Yep sorted thanks :)

thank you verry much for the single cyclez…

nice work mate.
But i dont know why you need lots of chanels!

heres my speed sketch…
simulated accent section controlled by the volume parameter. or some other interesting setup.
i know it simple but Your demo is to heavy to use in songs! use absynth with your nice samples…you like it i know!!
but as i say: Nice WOKR bro!!!..


i forgot something i dont bother with tune in this sketch, coz its only a sketch :D

thanks :)

i think you understand something wrong, or maybe ive not explained good enough. the idea is to generate my own samples with this setup, not to use it direcly as a song setup, this would be indeed too much ![:)]( with this setup im able to use as much oscillators as my computer can handle to make some crazy pads or atmos, then i render the stuff
and use it in my tunes.
for a first setup ive used 8 osc with 2 sends to show what is possible, so if im in the mood to make some sounds i just load this setup and start

it works perfect for me and it´s a lot of fun ;)