Multi-Color Multi-Track Spectrum Analyzer -> Master Spectrum

I love the Master Spectrum Analyzer.

I would love it even more if i could choose to have an overlayed display of the spectrum of the tracks i choose, so i can easily compare spectrums on different tracks in one view.

I want to see the spectrum line of the bassdrum (green) and the bassline (red), so i see a red and a green line in the window of the master spectrum (and the white line of the master spectrum can be turned on and off as desired, too).

I don’t expect anything.

But that’s what i dream of - daily.


brilliant idea

Excellent idea :drummer:



I searched for “Spectrum Analyzer Color” but didn’t come up with useful results, if i had tried “Analysis” or “Master Spectrum” andor had digged deeper i would have spared the world this Triple-Threading.

Anyway - maybe - i’m just a dreamer, but now i KNOW i’m not the only one :guitar:

Not a bad idea, although you can just solo the tracks in question and then flick back to the master mix. Additionally there’s always Voxengo SPAN to cover your freq-scope needs. Some tweakable elements on the Renoise master scope wouldn’t go astray, especially an Averaging option.