Multi-Pattern Render To Sample

I use command+option+shift+r to rapidly bounce to a sample a lot without having to go through the hassle of exporting/choosing a filename/reloading/etc. It would be great if there was a variation of this command that worked across patterns (maybe allow the same operation in the matrix frame?).


would it render to a new instrument or a .wav?

I think he means render sequence editor selection to sample instead of render it to a file. I really miss it myself. So far I have always had to use merge patterns to achieve that.

Yeah… I guess this is similar to:

But I do feel that rendering to a sample is pretty important - a lot better for the workflow and you can do a lot more experimenting without cluttering up the disk with files. (I also happen to have a pretty high row:beat ratio, so my patterns fly by pretty fast).

I know it’s an old topic, but I think it’s REALLY relevant. I’ve been wanting this for such a long time. It would be such an amazing workflow enhancer for me, especially when I want to render a long, multi-pattern synth passage, so I can then use the same vst to create a different patch. Basically, without this, if I want to use multiple patches within a synth, I have to create several instances of the same synth. Aliases won’t work, because I want to start a completely new patch within the same synth, and using an alias causes me to lose my first patch. So this feature would be a life saver.

I’m with Suva, I use merge patterns all the time. Just merge, (solo some tracks if needed), Ctrl-R (my render pattern shortcut)
Otherwise it’s indeed render via song render dialog, then drag&drop or double click the .wav in disk browser!
I would say there’s more interesting features to be added! (sample independent envelopes, or meta-instruments to make multiple sample envelopes accessible on one keypress)

You can also Render Selection in the Sequencer. I’m not sure what it does on completion though (I think it might pop open the Render Song dialogue), as I’m not a heavy renderer and I only have the demo installed here at work

That’s exactly what I said just before the sentence you quoted.

Um… No you didn’t! Or at least not clearly.

You wrote:

No mention of the Sequencer anywhere! You talk about merging patterns together, not highlighting multiple in the Sequencer and rendering that selection.

I am again reading my reply on the OP and Suva and then your reply. Please note that for being able to understand my first post it is essential that you know how to read and interpret the word otherwise.

Anyway also read the OP because the talk was about Render To Sample in song like you can do with selection, track, etc i.e. without having to load it from disk browser.

But you’re right ;) you can also render a selection of patterns to a .wav via the Render dialog.

So you in fact never said that at all before until just now! Thanks for the confirmation. Well done for practising your reading skills!!

Yea as opposed to you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I mean the fact that it’s possible via the “render song” dialog is already stated in OP…

But I never spoke about doing it through the Render Song!

Please take you’re own advice!!!

Render Song Dialog. That’s exactly what you get if you try to “Render Selection in Sequencer” as you call it. It’s the exact same window. It makes the exact same .wav files and exactly the same result in that you have to find it in diskbrowser to load it back into the renoise song.

Please keep the topic Title and Meaning in mind, and keep a actual copy of Renoise handy, if you want to be smart.

Or you could again learn to read, like you tried telling me to!!!

So instead of lying about what you had said and telling me to learn to read you could have just said my worry that it might open the Render Song dialogue was correct and thus not valid. I clearly pointed out that I only have the demo, which equates to not being able to test this function currently! Are you too stupid to understand that? Instead you had to get a bee up your arse, try and tell me to learn to read when you are the one failing to grasp the words in front of you and generally acting like a total arse!

Anyway; last post of mine in this thread.

Or maybe all posts should be deleted and the first post changed to something such as:

Please don’t slide this topic into a flame war guys, there are many small things in life for which it is pointless to prove any point and demand recognition for it.
The actual point of this debate is quite clear and who said what to get to this point is no longer interesting.
Stick to the case or i feel tempted to close the topic.

Just gonna chime in and say that merge patterns doesn’t work for everyone due to the pattern length limit. I work at 24LPB, which means most of my patterns are 192 or 384 lines long, the latter of which can’t be merged.