Multichannel Vsti Routing?

a friendly hello to you renoise people on planet earth :wub:

there are some VSTis on your planet that are able too have more than only stereo output. It should be possible in renoise to route the different vsti output channels to different tracks in renoise. Wanna know why this would be cool? If you have the output of the different vsti channels on different tracks in renoise, you can add different filter chains to the tracks. If you use a multichannel soudcard you can also route the tracks on different soundcard channels(which is possible right know). it should also be possible to have more then one track with the same vsti input channel.

with that feature you can easily build a 4, 6,… channel surround setup.

i wanna f**** up my audience on planet sigma tau with 230 channel surround breakcore. :yeah: :ph34r:

soooo pleeeeeeease add this feature.


the strange alien

Yes a highly desired feature even by lots of Renoise-Team members.
Multi out from within the tracks to your soundcard actually is supported, depending on how the channels are submitted to Renoise but only when using the ASIO driver.
But currently you indeed for now have to split your preset multi-out configuration across sevreal different instances of your VST plugin if you want your plugin audio to be truely splitted.

Yep, as vV points out, this is a highly requested feature. But as always with Renoise, there’s a couple of workarounds, such as using EnergyXT.

Here’s a couple of threads dealing with the subject:
Multi-outs Vsti Support
Multi-out Vst

Try searching the forum for more tips

Does, using a send, device do the job?