Mutant Breaks #11 - VOTING (review and win a copy of Redux!)

(Komu) #73

Hey how about two winners? Stailer and Sunnk still battles for “the best track” title and Redpanda wins the “points and effort” title. Both gets the video! :walkman:

(stailer) #74

Hey ! Ok for me… But i want my Redux copy if i win ! :wink:

But hey if the difference between first place is just on a technicality like this, it’s totally cool with me if Stailer gets it!

Thx very much Mannaz !

(Komu) #75

Komu - Dawn Of A New Beginning
i like the intro, its so smooth, dawn looks quite promising, for me the song gives feeling that something heavy have dropped from shoulders and it is time to move on finally, well-balanced composition


Those were my feelings when I was composing the track. :slight_smile:

Hey ! Ok for me… But i want my Redux copy if i win !

I can’t get you the Redux. :frowning:

(Mannaz230) #76

Redux was for the best review, wasn’t it? How are we voting for that?

Lots of quality tracks here and congratz to everyone who entered…

Favorite track, I voted for sunnk - heat death

It left me feeling I had been repeatedly punched in the face, had my wallet stolen and left a wake of small children crying.

It is relentless which kind of sums up Global Warming for me.

This made me burst out laughing at a bus stop and people looked at me so I guess this has got to be my favourite.

Also shout out to Abissus’ review post that contained so many puns it was like reading a different language.

(Komu) #77

Okay. Online again!
But the votes are gone?? :tired_face:

(Komu) #78

Here is the update and WINNERS:

MBC #11

Congrats to our winners!
And I want to thank you all, great tracks, great people! :slight_smile:


(sodiufas) #80

Who is the winner? I lost track with that new froum thing :slight_smile:

(Komu) #81

Redpanda and Sunnk! Two winners. :slight_smile:

(sodiufas) #82

Great! Congratulations guys!

(Mannaz230) #83

Much love to Komu for hosting this and everyone involved for their awesome music!!!

(Conner_Bw) #84

The migration to Discourse has thrown me off a bit.

It’s going to take me some time to figure out where all the reviews are, and figure out who the random reviews winner is. I’ll take a stab at it this afternoon.

Sorry for the delay.

(Komu) #85

There is couple of reviews in the original thread and the rest is here

(Conner_Bw) #86

Reviews! Copy pasted into first result on google for “wordcounter.”

Thinking of putting the names of everyone bigger or equal to 17 reviews into a hat and … that’s the winner?

Speak now or forever hold your peace.

3 reviews
76 words 390 characters

3 reviews
254 words 1,368 characters

17 reviews
464 words 2,477 characters

18 reviews
276 words 1,537 characters

18 reviews
1,308 words 7,320 characters

19 reviews
483 words 2,783 characters

1 review
56 words 296 characters

18 reviews
536 words 2,991 characters

18 reviews
719 words 3,945 characters

18 reviews
425 words 2,362 characters

18 reviews
750 words 3,891 characters

Maya Azem
18 reviews
957 words 5,260 characters

18 reviews
906 words 4,768 characters

19 reviews
916 words 5,289 characters

18 reviews
519 words 2,820 characters

17 reviews
577 words 3,273 characters

(sokoban) #87

As promised in 2018, I won’t do statistical graphics anymore, even if those reviews data are very attractive :joy:

(sodiufas) #88

Does this not have to be your accident choice from a strange and mysterious chain of events?

(Conner_Bw) #89

I just don’t have enough time these days. Sucks. Sorry.

If someone else wants to random up a video selection process, i’ll take it?

If not, i’ll announce a winner Saturday.

(schranzonator) #90

thank you for your kind words and the effort to review every title :slight_smile: took the vocals from this video

sadly i dont understand polish, but maybe some people here can translate? :wink:
The channel is also great, i think we have to keep this knowledge, especially when we have to produce our own stuff again

(lilith) #91

(Conner_Bw) #92

Reviewers contest winner revealed:

Congratulations to the person who is revealed at the end of this video. You have won either Redux or Sononym.

If you already have both, then you get to pick another reviewer so they can win either Redux or Sononym.

Rinse and repeat until someone gets a prize.

Good times.