Mutant Breaks Competition #15: Mix it up and make some friends!

Another Mutant Breaks is here!

This time it’s about collaborating and mixing up genres. Getting out of your comfort zone and making new friends.

You’ll be randomly paired with another MBC#15 participant. You’ll have the month of September to make a track together, combining two different genres that don’t obviously go together. More on that later.

How you work together is up to you. But I highly recommend you have a video call. Get to know each other a bit and talk about it. Share files, and don’t rely too much on external instruments and effects. Renoise seems like the obvious choice as DAW. But you can of course do anything you want. Use any software or hardware you like. Though you may have to render it to audio in case your partner doesn’t have the same software on their system.


Sign up now!
Registration closes Tuesday August 29th.

Pairing announcement: September 1st.

Competition start: September 1st
Deadline: September 30th.

All dates are in your local time zone.

About combining genres
It’s all about making something new and fresh. Something you wouldn’t normally make. The idea is to go for bold choices, not safe ones.

Some examples:
:x: Electro + Synthwave = meh, too similar.
:heavy_check_mark: Electro + Heavy Metal = Yeah, go nuts!

:x: Heavy Metal + Classical music = meh, HM borrows a lot from it.
:heavy_check_mark: Heavy Metal + Techno = That could be interesting!

Genre suggestions
Here are some suggestions of genre combinations. But feel free to make your own.

Berlin School + Classical
Berlin School + Breakcore
Berlin School + Rap
Black Metal + Breakcore
Black Metal + HipHop
Braindance + Acoustic
Braindance + Folk
Breakcore + Ambient
Breakcore + Classical
Breakcore + Folk
Chiptune + Ambient
Chiptune + Djent
Chiptune + Doom Metal
Chiptune + Folk
Doom Metal + Breakcore
Electro + Mathcore
Electro + (14th century) medieval music
Electro + Blues
Folk + Mathcore
Jungle + Folk
Gabber + Ambient
Happy Hardcore + Classical
HipHop + Ambient
Noise + Acoustic
Psytrance + Ambient
Psytrance + Barbershop Quartet
Psytrance + Mathcore
Psytrance + Rap
Psytrance + Ska
Rave + Classical
Synthwave + Djent
Synthwave + Sludge Doom
Techno + Heavy Metal
Techno + (14th century) medieval music
Techno + Mathcore

This is by no means an exhaustive list. So feel free to combine whatever genres you like. Just remember to pair unlikely ones so you get something new and unexpected. And please, suggest combinations for the list.

I don’t like the idea of music being something ‘you win at’. For me it’s all about having fun making something. But if people feel different and have something to offer, by all means.

I’m blatantly stealing the collaboration idea from’s CollApril, so kudos to them.



Mirtazapine Dream

reserved in case i need it.

If anyone feels like making art for MBC#15, please do!

*Thanks to all the artists whose graphics was used in training this AI, soon video graphics creators will use AI generated songs trained on our songs, it’s truly mutant times.


Dope cover :fire:
I’m in :metal:
Think I already did psytrance +mathcore though lol
Listen to •xenobaba• •vegetable people• by • zen sphere records • on #SoundCloud

Thanks for stepping up to organize @eretsua !

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If there are no prizes and voting is ultra simple then I’m up for doing chiptune

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… a surprising turn of events ; D
Count me in

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Welcome aboard to @slujr , @Garf and @Raegae !

Excellent image you’ve generated there Garf, I like it!

Indeed you did. Splendid little tune that is. My favorite from the Super Sane EP. Suppose you’ll have to do psytrance + barbershop quartet then or something. :wink:

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Sure, why not, could be fun!

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Great! Welcome!

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I’m in! :+1:
Interesting idea to make a collab compo.

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Good to have you onboard Fabrice!

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i’d like to join, too!:slight_smile:

about genres
jungle/break + folk? :smiley:

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Excellent! Happy to hear that Senseiprod, welcome!

Yes! Added it to the list.

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We don’t have to choose a musical genre right now isn’t it?

Indeed, choosing the genres happens after you’ve been assigned your partner (September 1st).

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Ok :ok_hand:

Will genres be randomly assigned or do we choose with our collaborator? Randomly assigned could be extra fun/challenge :upside_down_face:

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That’s an interesting question. I’d be inclined to say that you have to sort it out with your partner. Maybe in a future challenge will be assigning genres.

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