New, simple detune / pitchshift DSP effect

I would really like to be able to simply detune / pitchshift with an fx-effect.

Because when I want to make a custom Chorus / Ensemble effect with for example 5 voices (In the instrument tab) It appears to me that I would have to multiply the samples 5 times to detune them individually, which is practically impossible for an sfz instrument.

What I would like to do is send all samples to fx chain 1 with a hydra, then edit multiple instances in multiple effect chains before bringing them back together in a final fx-Chain.

This way I can detune, position, edit tone-quality and reverb for each voice individually.

However I found no way to simply detune in the fx-chain and all (free) plugins I found where using a lot of resources and are trying to tune everything to a certain pitch/Key or do other nonsense. All I need is a most basic very simple detune in the fx-chain.
If anyone has tips on how do that regardless of a new feature, I’d be really appreciative as well.

Cheers, Aaron :slight_smile:

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Couldn’t you do something like that by using phrases? (not sure if I understand it correctly)
…and yes! a detune FX module would be awesome. I’d also like to have a pattern FX that just pitches the note without sliding, would be nice to have especially for drumkits,multisample sfx-collections etc

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Using GFF will instantly change the pitch of samples to the target note.

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yes I know, but if you have lets say a multisample drumkit and want to slightly alternate the pitch of the snare, that is not an option. U/D FX with tickrate set to 1 will do, but that will effect all pattern-FX. Currently I just connect a macro to the main pitch input of the respective modulation set but a simple pfx would be so nice. It could be H for pitcH :slight_smile:

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Now that I thought a lot about it, I think the better way to create “composite” instruments, whether based on multiple samples or multiple instances of the same sample, is to create a whole “song” for one sound. Then you can use the whole functionality of the program for each “part” or voice, then “bake it” (export it) and reintroduce it as a sample. (Would also save tons of resources).
The downside is, that you lose the access to the sound-design of your instruments and if you later want to change something you’d have to go back, change, re-export, re-import.
I’m still pretty new and actually will try to inform me more on instrument/sound authoring workflows, but I still think pitchbending as an fx-effect could prove handy.
If I’m not mistaken, automating pitchbend using any of the fx meta devices is not possible as well, as there is no fx-pitch control. (like lfo’s or follower). Am I correct :open_mouth: ?

Cheers, Aaron.

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Cool, thanks. I will check them out :slight_smile: !

With the Sample Multi Controller tool you can do all that and more with a millimeter control. But it is that, a tool, is not integrated under the hood.

Among other things, you can slightly or abruptly change the pitch of a note through an automation parameter.

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