New Tool (2.7): Stopwatch/Timer

Pretty easy to use, so I won’t say much.

V0.65 is out, with display options. Press ‘p’ to show the preferences pane.

Thanks, don’t know where I would use this for yet, but could come in handy :)

It would be cool for doing a live set…so you know exactly how long you’ve been playing and don’t go over your allowed time.

Yeah or as a cooking-alarm, so you know that your eggs are boiling way past brick-hardening end-level.

Also handy to see for how many hours you continuously listened to that stupid one pattern loop. :blink:

Edit: No really, I like it. Thanks cocoa!

I’d love to see display options like:

Edit3 (Bug report):
Start tool.
Start Stopwatch.
Close tool window.
Start tool from the menu.
Stopwatch is running.
Press ‘Continue’.

@cocoa: really cool, and looks sexy too!

not sure if this is a coincidence, but there was talk of a timer-tool for this competition because it has a 3-hour tracking limit. i suppose you could use this one for that purpose.

Bug fixed, and a new version uploaded in top post.

It’s in the works.

That’s actually what gave me the idea.

How about writing a server and client process so that clients can connect and synchronize to the server?

Thanks! :thumbsup:

Wow, I messed up that bug fix earlier. Fixed 0.61 now up. I am an idiot.

i like it and i think snares will like it too if he didnt already download this tool yet.

Because I don’t know how that stuff works.

Still in the works, but how does this look? The prefs pane on bottom is triggered by pressing the ‘p’ key, so it won’t always be visible.

kool thx.

a reel timer , smtp or sample count display would be helpfull too. i hate that small timer thing in the corner…
small and useless

can you make one clock to see the preciese lenght of our work…? _D

Nice cocoa, haha, I don’t care too much about how it’s done, but it’s great it can be done! :)

With just H:M slowly ticking away, I will definitely use this to tell me when it’s bedtime. Thanks!

Well, if I didn’t say anything about the ‘p’ key, nobody would know how to access the prefs :)

Edit: 0.65 is up