Renoise Knock-Out 3 Hour Tournament - Round 1 - Results

I was thinking more like using tuned devices which could be stored as an envelope preset and such.
I agree with kazakore though, but i think maybe there should be a rule against premade envelopes.
What if we say default Renoise presets should be allowed, but not custom ones?

That sounds perfect.

Samplepack link is up! Apologies that it’s on a crapy file sharing site, I couldn’t get it to upload to my webspace here at work. I’ll post a mirror from home later.

i just upped the samplepack to my little webspace.

You is da man! I have updated the link in the original post. Thanks dude :)

And the samples seem like exactly made for me :D

cocoa made a stopwatch/timer tool:

Very cool. I’ll definitely be using this.

damn. i’m literally waiting here, preparing myself for an as-awesome-as-possible 3 hour tracking run. thoughts going around like ‘should i start now or some more?’, ‘what about a round of Beatles Rockband to get me in the mood?’, ‘do the dishes first of leave them and just get started already?’. i had no idea i was signing up for this much pressure :)

I think i need some drugs for this compo, beer didn’t work :P

seeing how i’m finished now, i’d like to bring up a possible issue. from my recent experience it became apparent that there was a need for me to push the ‘pause’ button on cocoa’s timer now and again. i’d have to use the toilet or get something to drink for my dry mouth or someone called or walk the dogs etc. now, i just did this without much thinking, but later on i started wondering how people would feel about that sorta thing.
it was never explicitly stated, but is the 3 hour tracking period a commando-special-ops kinda thing where you just walk the dogs, prepare the drinks, but a bucket next to your seat and shut off the phone before you start tracking?

personally, i think both methods should be allowed. we’re in the honor system already so we gotta trust each other. the Bear Grylls method is pretty balls-out and i might try it if i make it far enough in this compo, but i prefer my own ‘pause’ method, because i am simply not as hardcore as my avatar seems to imply.

(of course i also support my method because otherwise i’d be disqualified and i really think my song is awesome)

If you’re 30 minutes into the tracking and a badass dog like rhowaldt’s avatar demands walkies or if suddenly your house burns down i think it should be ok to pause your work.

Well for now i think the stopwatch plugin should be enough, if everybody just installs that one can see from one another how much time they spent. I just press pause and save song, now that i have a basic pattern, and :) give myself some new ideas listening it over a few loops. props to keith (?) for the sample pack it’s AWESOME.

Hmm… gotta remember to set my house on fire so I can pause tracking without feeling bad about it. ;)

to make this ‘pause’ thing a bit clearer:

imo, you are allowed to take a pause in your 3hrs as long as during that pause you do not do anything with respect to your song. that includes listening to your current progress, picking out/editting samples, tweaking parameters, changing track-names/instrument-names, etc etc. i think all those things i have described are an integral and vital part of creating a song, and therefore should be counted as time spent.
i have honored this system myself.

let’s hear what you all think of this.

yes I thought the same so from my 10 minutes in I’ve started to count listening time as well and even counted some mens room time to make up for past cheating :P. And since you’re a Guruh Motha Fakka is Levitating and Knows Everything About Renoise Member we’ll have to respect what you think :).

ah yes, this shows how the honor system works. i forgot to unpause one time for about 10 minutes i think and restarted the timer 15 mins later because i wanted to be on the safe side. this all just goes to show we can trust each other.

and i am happy when people want to respect what i think, Guruh Motha Fakka or no Guruh Motha Fakka. only sad thing is ‘respect’ isn’t the same as ‘agree with’ :)

exactly what i mean.

something else: is there gonna be a new sample pack for every round??

good question. i really liked this samplepack but makes sense to get a new one each time. let’s hear it from the master.

I think at least at some point a new one is necessary, that keeps things fresh. However, it’d be interesting if unused samples would respawn. So if nobody uses some of the samples in a round, those end up in the pack for the next round along with some new ones to fill it up.

People! I’ve been tracking for 15 minutes now (I really have to go to sleep now so I’ll continue ‘tomorrow’) but I won’t be able to vote because I’m on Dour festival this week :(
Can this be forgiven or will I be disqualified anyway?