New Tool (2.8): Mpe

(sevenscientist) #121

3.3 is on its way tested on beta5 and working
main screen…

trim screen…

version 3.3


  • record and overdub turn-on the follow player (previously pressing step edit song would not follow for recording)
  • step edit button now toggles between song follow and step edit (also changes colour)
  • timing/quantize button toggles on when quantize enabled in song
  • bar >> stops at last bar (previously cycled to first line again
  • bar >> and << bar move edit position and playback position (previously only moved playback) will not go past end of song
  • step > and < step move edit position and playback position (previously only moved playback) will not go past end of song


  • GUI buttons moved and changed
  • play and playstart buttons toggle green when activated
  • removed timing 1/64 (only allowed for 2 bars anyway)
  • f.level
  • toggle sample volume to max or 0
  • turns on autofade
  • enables sample volume enevelope
  • clears all sample volume envelope points
  • adds sample envelope point at 0, 100%
  • sets sample envelope release or fade amount to 0

plus more as you can see from screenshots

(lowkey) #122

Thank You SevenScientist for the huge effort youve put into this :D

(sevenscientist) #123

your welcome lowkey!

still under development,…

  • in particular the pads and buttons above
  • midi mapping / maybe keybinding if I have the time?
  • created a pad section that triggers the first 16 samples in the selected sample as loops
  • created a trim screen and moved the selection and loop selection there
  • created a prog screen and moved the tuning pan and vol for instrument there - moved filter and fx section there (effects like a boss sp303)

song screen

sample trim screen

instrument program screen


(gmm04e) #124

Is there any chance for ‘Note Repeat’?

(sevenscientist) #125

fx 11 acts a little like note repeat if you have the presets in there and then use the preset fx slider. Having said that I am considering porting this over to DUPLEX, any feedback is appreciated. In the meantime Im posting an alpha of the work in progress …see the first post for download its an unfinished work in progress.

(HEXnibble) #126

That means two way visual feedback on controllers, right?

(sevenscientist) #127

if duplex can do it I guess so?

(re.dread) #128

got this error when midi mapping a pad (triggering it):

[details=“Click to view contents”] main.lua:4688: variable ‘pad1’ is not declared
stack traceback:
[C]: in function ‘_error’
[string “local mt = getmetatable(_G)…”]:29: in function
main.lua:4688: in function <4686>



(sevenscientist) #129

just uploaded an updated version to the first post.
[PAD] [< SLICE] and [SLICE >] are non functional.

  • added HOLD BUTTON
  • FULL LEVEL BUTTON only change instrument volume to max now (all its sub features are removed)
  • all rotaries have been replaced with sliders in TRIM screen and PROG screen

all midi mapping is working from my tests :

  • when scrolling via MIDI to fx: 08 “Gate” your MIDI slider or rotary will work in reverse. (any LUA coding suggestions for reversing this welcome…)

I still want to add :

  • snap selection to beat marker
  • time signature
  • slice marker remove
  • slice marker move

but I might leave these for next version…

in talks with danoise and the future version might be a duplex version… ;)


(sevenscientist) #130

uploaded updated version 3.3 to tool page

(lowkey) #131

Hey Sevenscientist, would it be possible to lock a key to a track? It save me splitting the keys to seperate tracks when jamming on my mpd32. Would mute groups be possible too?

And Dude, thanks again for doing this :D

(sevenscientist) #132

no problem, can you be a litlle more specific , what do you mean? lock key to a track? and why do you have to split keys to seperate tracks? i

future version may include :

  • PADS to trigger samples
  • note repeat
  • SNAP to beat for selection and loop range
  • mute groups
  • time signature

(kazakore) #133

Recording drums live is an obvious one. Keyboard splits another.

Although I believe you can only do after playing/recording with the current API, so will still be hearing yourself play all notes (drums/instruments) through the same track while recording, so a native feature is still what is truly desired.

(lowkey) #134

Cheers Sevenscientist :D

If it was possible to lock a key (drum) to a track I could put effects on the seprate sounds whilst I am jamming instead of doing it after Ive recorded and split them to seperate tracks. Renoise is insane for editing but isnt quite there for jamming live.

(sevenscientist) #135

This might be possible when the PADS section is added then the selected note can be assigned / locked to a track.
In the meantime I decided to release the next version 3.4 for 2.8 and deal with DUPLEX and PADS as a separate thing.

(taktik) #136

we’ve change the name of the multitap device from “…/Multitap” to “/Multitap Delay” so unfortunately your latest 2.8 version of the tool will fail to load.

Your tool should be the only official one which is affected though, so I hope it’s not causing much troubles to update it.

(sevenscientist) #137

no problem easy fix . thanks for the release and the new look is slick! good work!

(sevenscientist) #138

something strange happening here with the alignment?

same code…

--left-side view  
 vb:row {  
 id = "gui_left",  
 vb:column {   
 spacing = default_control_spacing*2,   
 uniform = true,  
-- GUI Screen 01 song  
 vb:column {  
 id = "gui_screen01",  
 margin = default_dialog_margin*2,  
 spacing = default_control_spacing,   
 style = "border",  
vb:horizontal_aligner {  
mode = "left",   

look at the results

before v2.8beta

after 2.8 RC1

the right side if the view column looks shorter i think (uniform = true) is not working?

(sevenscientist) #139

when pressing the MPE logo to hide the tool instead of shrinking to the size of the logo it shrinks but its width is as wide as the rest of the tool below it? PS cant attach the latest copy here the attachments below says !undefined undefined (I choose the file it show up next to (choose file) button and i click attach this file and im stuck here with undefined?

(vV) #140

see :