New Tool (2.8): Overtune

since I took a good look at ableton live’s Operator and studied how sinewaves make a sawtooth wave or a square wave together, i made this little tool here which gives excellent opportunity to experiment making your own chiptunes.
no explanation available yet.

this is also the ‘first start/test’ for an advanced “custom wave”

how it works in a nutshell:

of course about everything from the current Custom Wave (v.91?) like perfect tri/saw/tan and pulse waves

for now have fun wid dis :D

edit latest preset pack is at mediafire

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Nice, will try!

First thing that comes to mind trying the tool here, is being able to generate a ‘tune’, but keep the tool gui open.

can you also include these kind of shapes (presets from a formula waveshaper device):


As most of those don’t seem to be limited to a +/-1 range adding them maybe not be quite so simple. Only guessing of implementation here but I would imaging that it needs the function to only return values within that range.

Although being cyclic waveform it should hopefully just be a matter of scaling with the majority of them. Logs and Tan are usually problematic due to the tendency to go to infinity.

here’s a new version that … only saves you pressing ctrl_P every time :)
and a few “presets” cause I’ve just been playing.
right now I have so many ideas, even stuff that should be in a VSTi or sth… like how resynth2 had lfo for pulsewave duty?? that’s annoying stuff to implement.
so for now this will be it, it’ll remain a simple one-cycle sinewave thing… razor clip will be added, and a non-modal window, maybe some other easy things.

and Djeroek, thanks for the list, curious where you got that though :D, I’ll try some of them but it’s a waste of time right now to go and program those formulas in

edit deleted all ‘deprecated’ downloads, please see first post

zero-x beatquantizer’s formula waveshaper device.

thanks, well, trying a few from that list I’ve made 14 new ‘presets’ so I’ve learned a lot. don’t exactly know what the “P” var is then, though.
also, stuff like sin(x)+sin(2x)/2+sin(3x)/3 in the case of this tool translates to:
step 1: math.sin(x)
step N: math.sin(N*x)/N
steps: 3
(so yeah, N starts at 2)
the thing was about ‘repeating’ formulas. now I’m trying to figure if it’s possible already to loadstring(string.rep()) within a loadstring so I can automate the (sin(sin(sin(x)))) too… anyway the loadstring solution is probably stinky for it’s slowness so it’s a “temp” solution… also trying to see if I can prefix the formula with require(‘math’) so I can omit the math. selectors

some other formulas had to be made with step N = 0 and steps = 1.

anyway I’ve got some other ideas now too about the ‘powering’/zooming. the stuff that I’ve managed to translate will be up in there too, soon.

here’s the latest :D

*Edit: warning: everybody is advised to download the ‘superpack’ that’s linked in the first post. it has all these but in the new 1.0 format :)

Looking forward to your next version :) :drummer:

That’s poetry right there.

I assumed Pi (3.142…) and that the angles would be in Rads.

I’ve made a new version which also keeps your instrument envelopes that you carefully crafted.
Now all I gotta do still is make some shell script to replace every x with an X in the first 30 instruments…

The newest version has arrived, sorry if there’s people out there actually using this :), formulas will now be formulated with a capital X instead of x, to not have the tool straight bug out when you want to use the math.max function.
update added to first post too so people don’t have to skim through the whole thread to find the current version

I have no idea how to use this but the tones that came with it sound amazing! Thanks!

Hey, thanks :D
I updated the pack so check the first post, you can grab 144+ bonus chiptunes :D
(and how to use it… there’s so many uses for it, would be tough to explain)

Newest version also

  • does not mess up (read: reset) the envelopes when you change a formula
  • does not double-map the sample (which was a bug in 0.4)
  • has a keyboard shortcut

synth away!
PS it’s gone to the tools page now, too :)

I don’t want to sacrifice a shortcut combo for this tool, but would like the gui window to stay open when generating a sample. Is it possible that you create a toggle or some kind of extra right mouse click behavior on the ‘Check the Tune!’ button, so the tool window remains open? Cheers!

Also some kind of preset system that remembers formula’s would be great :drummer:

Hey man, glad to see that there are people out there actually trying this, haha.
Wouldn’t have thought though, that I would be in the position sometime to teach a little something to a “Probably More God or Borg Than Human Member”…
It’s really easy to make the window ‘stay open’, and I’m gonna make that work properly sometime, but here’s your workaround for now:

Press Ctrl-S to save and reload the tool

end of Cas’ great script editing 101

also, what do you mean by ‘sacrificing’ a shortcut? I got alt-O now although I figure I’m gonna switch it to Alt-W or sth on one hand… have awesomesawce for the next letter… :D

Yes I agree, and would like to discuss on this, what form should it take. First step could be a few buttons that copy the formula for square, tri, saw, to the clipboard, but it doesn’t help a big lot… ultimate step would be a ‘formula builder’ of some sort but it could never have the same type of flexibility the current form has.

and that’s how this poetry looks like:


Thanks for the lua 101 Cas, works here :drummer:

About remembering the presets/settings, some kind of snapshot system in which you are able to name what is saved, then be able to select these names from a dropdown list? Although that sounds quite ambitious for the current minimal tool :) . Best of copying & pasting interesting result in note pad right now.

Yeah, that’s what I did making the more than hundred presets :D but you’re right, the tool still has a lot of aspects to improve upon… I was just happy that this idea worked in renoise so easily so I started making ‘Overtune demos’ songs created out of just Overtune instruments etc…
what you are saying might indeed be a very good idea to start with for v2, but I encourage everybody to not get your hopes up too much and keep on using this version here. I’m researching anyway how this saving tool settings works, with preferences.xml or sth?? when I have that figured out, you can expect more features :D

Anyways right now it does kinda do what I want it to do :D, supersoftsaw is really cool for basslines, and I got Overtune on Shift+E and AwesomeSawce on Shift+W. So I’m going into a composing week again before I’m doing more coding. You can understand ;).