New Tool: (3.2) Drum Layers (July 2020)

New Alpha: Drum Layers

  • Note this version will always keep a minimum of three empty sample slots on any instrument that is chosen while it is open. Shouldn’t be a big deal but worth knowing.

Drum Layers

Designed to take drudgery out of layering drums or other samples.

Keyboard Shortcut: Drum Layers

Best place to start is with an empty instrument slot. Press Wav button on the leftmost slot and drag a sample into the sampler. You can now tweak with the other controls and navigate around the sampler. Repeat for slots 2 and 3.


  • Each sample layer has its own modulation and fx lanes pre-routed
  • You can Solo and Mute each layer. The tool uses specially named gainers in the fx lanes to do this.

Should be fairly self explanatory if you are familiar with the sampler functions. I’ll update more details later.


Temporarily unavailable due to crash bug

Drum Layers 0.5 - Copy



I have pinned down the bug that causes renoise to crash with this tool. As it’s a fatal crash with no song backups created, I’m temporarily removing the tool.

Basically it’s caused by having a detached envelope open in renoise then changing the selected sample in the tool via the API.

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