New Tool (3.3): Almost Drums

I’m just uploading the first version so please test it.
For the time being, I have removed things that do not work or work only partially.
For download on the website.


This is perfect. Just the way I hoped it would be, not as an instrument, but a sample generator.

Step 1. Load it in the sample-waveform page by right-clicking and selecting “Almost Drums”
Step 2. To generate a sample, the user needs to change the volume envelope by hand. Change the envelope to any one of the multitude of envelopes and a waveform will emerge.
Step 3. Experiment! Make’a 'da drumzzz!

Removing the filter causes no sound to be generated. The waveform exists, but sound stops playing.

thanks, somehow I forgot to write the way to revive the Golem :slight_smile:

kick section ?

Once it happens, it affects all drum sounds.

This is really incredible as a bass-drum generator so far. I’m working on re-creating drum sounds that I made back in Reason using the PunchBDRE synth. Getting pretty damn close!!! THANK YOU!!!

Duration changes pitch. Still on bass-drum. But never mind, Periods can fix the pitch again.

Kick filter fixed.
Pitch on todo.

@martblek you have really created something we NEED. Thank you. Just incredible. I’m nearly working all in Renoise to generate all my sounds now. This and your Harmoniks Tool. Good job!

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What I am enjoying is that the hi-hats do not sound like hi-hats at all :smiley: All sorts of click sounds, and very early ‘analog’ hi-hat sounds - closer to organ keyboards and some children’s home keyboards. Will work on snares next!

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I just started to delve into things that I don’t understand at all
and Renoise is a good way to implement it.


Now, does the hi-hat “noise mix” work in reverse? Seems noisier when sliding to the left versus the right. Nevermind, was the hi “Q” settings :slight_smile:

On the snare, may we have a control to reduce the oscillator volume? That’s usually a given on any snare synth - makes for a more ‘papery’ sound, reducing the ‘body’. It sounds like a sine-wave is underneath the noise waveform. the noise needs to stay the same volume, while the oscillator can be lowered in volume. Or make volume controls for both?

You are right, sine underneath noise is now at full amplitude.

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And, is there any way to choose the Hz for the drums? Currently they’re at 8,000 Hz. That would explain some of the more melodic, lo-fi sounds. Almost a musical note, which is what we’re trying to avoid on say, a snare or hi-hat. I do understand the audio processing may take longer due to this. Since it’s a sample generator, that isn’t a big deal. Instead of 32 bit, they could be 44.1/16.

For example, I noticed my bass-drum, while quite beautiful made with “Almost Drums” was just slightly different than the bass drum I was emulating. I went and converted it to 44.1/16 and now it’s nearly spot-on. Punchier, less noisy, missing the lo-fi artefacts of 8 kHz.

Oddly, this seemed to affect my mix, with everything else at 44.1, and the bass drum at 8 kHz, the sub bass I was using got kinda weird, and there was a light grime on the mix. Gone now that I converted the bass-drum to 44.1.

OMG, i forgot change samplerate !!!
8000 was an attempt. Need rest :slight_smile:
make some changes and uploading v0.02.


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Updated Link Here: Almost Drums | Renoise

THANK YOU so much :smiley:

ooooh, psyched to try this out :fire:

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