New Tool (3.3): Almost Drums

This is truly incredible. Just wow!

A brief snippet made primarily with the “Almost Drums” Too - also, no external plugins were used. All mixing and mastering done with Renoise devices only:


ok, initial impressions after messing about for a few minutes.

first off, fuckin dope. :metal: all hail @martblek for coming through with another awesome extension of native renoise capabilities. this is going to prove quite useful for many people when they come around to it.

humble suggestions, and forgive me if I’ve overlooked something. these are initial impressions

the kick is great. solid, varied sounds, definitely covers a lot of bases for kick drum sound design

the snare: also sounds great with intelligent application of values. The body and the tail modules are both excellent. I’d love to see a transient generator added to this. Sometimes you want all the punch possible in a snare sound, especially in a lot of harder, heavier genres. a version of the kick generator stripped down to a range of values that produces a variety of transients added to the snare module would be a very nice improvement. Not totally essential, as a transient can always be layered in as a separate sample, but it would be a nice addition in my opinion.

The hi-hat: I feel like this module may need some work, or perhaps I just need to figure out how better to apply values to it to get the sounds I want. I’d love to hear more tunable inharmonic noise coming out of this. perhaps a looped short cycle noise generator? That often creates lovely metallic tones. I’ll keep messing with it and see if I can get what I want to hear out of it.

Karplus strong unit: SO glad you included this. very versatile and creates interesting percussion as well as serving as a quick and dirty noise lead generator - super useful for psy production. THANK you :pray: I’d love to see a transient generator added to this module as well. would add a lot to it, imo.
I would also love to be able to tune the various “noise” sources, as well as seeing a variety of other waveforms added to the list. this would up the versatility considerably in my book

As a general comment, I’m not certain that all of the envelope options are necessary, as envelope shaping can always take place post sample generation, and people may get lost in the options, but, better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it, I suppose :upside_down_face:

Again, fantastic work @martblek. You are a renoise hero :star2:

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now i make some attempt in hihat section with 6 square osc
without noise going through bandpass filter and 3x highpass.
It’s 808 style hihat. is it needed ? i dont think so :frowning:



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oh shit, this is great! More like this from you, please :slight_smile:

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one other thing, would it be possible to get the KS wavelength represented as a frequency value instead of sample length? That would be useful for harmonic tuning in my situation

Oh, please do? Everybody will love a more metallic sound coming from this. Maybe create a new tab, and that would be labeled “metallic”, and the one you currently have could be labeled as “ticks/clicks”? Just a thought. This tool is too damn good. Please don’t drop this, it’s freakin’ incredible.

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do you mean just convert the length of the buffer to frequency like here?
In wavelen buffer is only some generated noise.

Yes, exactly. Buffer length represented as Hz please and thank you :slight_smile:

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Excellent tool! Thanks! :slight_smile:

If you don’t already know from this forum post; The MOTHERLODE of Sample Generators

…which lists a bunch of cool useful online sample generating sites, perhaps you can lift some ideas from them in your sound generation tool? :sunglasses:

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crazy good stuff !
been tinkering with it for an hour and it’s been a blast so far :slight_smile:

This is excellent, this or something similar should be native!!I have a request, please consider adding a random button that randomizes all parameters on a given page.


+1 for randomize!

new version is out.

Kick has selectable wave source
Hihat section has two modules oldschool and metalic
Added experimental Cymbal section
Added experimental Claps section
Added randomizer

Please keep your volume low if randomizing.
Filters are beasts.


Oh man! Yay!!!

Right out of the box, the very first bass drum it produces… Just beautiful. @martblek, thank you so much!!! Hi-hats are just wow. Hot damn! The cymbals are basically the open-hats and ride cymbal sounds. YEAH!!!

There’s still a lot to catch up on.
There are a few things I really don’t like, but I’ll save that for next time.
Now I’m going to work again for a while. At least you’ll have more time for reminders.
The randomizer is really basic.


And a new video with a different version of the older track, showing off all the neat percussive sounds this Tool is making (using the TDR Limiter GE in Reaper for loudness/stereo):


Awesome update :metal: :fire:

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