New Tool (3.3): Drawtomator

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Wouldn’t it be nice to just draw something and that would drive some musical changes? The Drawtomator allows you to do this by assigning effect parameters to the X and Y axis of your drawing. However, this is more a proof of concept than a reliable automation device.

Time-wise, a recording won’t be an exact match for what you’ve drawn. Likewise, the timing of the replay can be variable as it’s playing back. This is because timers are used to record the drawing and replay it, but due to the nature of the API these are not accurate down at the level of milliseconds. They are at the mercy of what’s happening with the GUI – mouse movement in particular.

This variability is especially noticeable at lower interval settings. Raising the interval time helps a lot with this, but also makes the recording or playback more coarse, since there’s more time between updates. Although a low recording interval is less accurate it does record more information, which is beneficial when replaying at slower speeds.

When you’ve finished drawing and released the mouse button, this is detected by the snapback feature of the XY Pad. This means it’s possible to accidentally cancel the drawing by going to the Finish Corner. If you need to use the values of a corner in your drawing then you can change the snapback point to another with the Finish Corner option.

The Drawing Colour option lets you choose from three different colours available from the Theme that’s being used. Useful since some can be hard to see, or if you just like the change in colour.


Interesting concept thanks for sharing

What is this magick? Cool stuff! :sunglasses:

Would it be possible to somehow ‘dump’ a shape gesture from the tool into envelopes for the automation editor?

It’s not good for graphical automation, cos it’d need to continually write the drawing across the song’s patterns. None of the lengths are going to match up well there. The ideal candidate to dump into is the custom envelope of the LFO, but we don’t have access to that via the API.

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With a bigger “drawing” area,It would be better

This is such a forward thinking concept; it goes a long way towards making
in-roads to a more expressive more playable computer.

Thank you very much @Achenar !

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Thanks @Achenar good job!!

That just looks cool, when U have pixelgraphics behind XY-pad
Very very interesting consept
Keep up the good work !!!


  • Uses os.clock to get exact record/replay time
  • Replay interpolation mode
  • Better line drawing between points