New Tool: (3.3) Kick A Copy (Sept 2021)

New Alpha,

Needs a bit of care to make sure it works correctly but I’m using this a lot so posting up if useful to others:


Kick A Copy

Example for a flexible track freeze:

  • Have a drum track that’s too CPU greedy!
  • Render a note from that track, making sure the popup matches the note you are rendering. (e.g. C-4)
  • Click the ‘After Render’ Button (making sure original track is still selected in renoise)

A new cloned track is created with your render. You can A/B it with the original with the toggle switch. You can also disable the original track and all its DSPs with the button further down. You need to make sure the original track is selected in renoise before you hit the Disable/Enable button

Note: Once tracks are split up/names are changed the tool won’t recognise them as a pair anymore. But that should be fine if you are happy with the initial results.

Kick A Copy

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True Track Bypass uses the same method to bypass tracks. You can therefore get an overview of tracks bypassed by this tool.

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Hmm… Normaly, I love your tools, but this one needs a little more explanation… what does it do ?

Essentially a kind of freeze for drum/ perc tracks

scenario: I have a Snare with a ton of fantastic VST reverbs/ compressors etc. making it sound super pro! :dark_sunglasses: but it’s now killing my poor CPU! :sob:

so I ‘Kick a copy’ and disable the original track freeing up CPU and I can still hear my snare as intended, yay!

You could also make a copied track for parallel processing etc.

Depends on your workflow, but it just speeds up the render + copy to new track with short samples.

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ah, thanks for that :slight_smile: will try it.

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updated the first post to be hopefully a bit clearer now :slight_smile: