New Tool: Capture First Note`s Instrument

Ok this is my first script to release, so test with the usual disclaimers in mind etc. :)

It is a simple tool which adds a further type of instrument capture to renoise. Currently the renoise feature “Capture Instrument From Pattern” [shift + return] grabs the closest instrument but will not work if the current pattern is empty.

This tool will always grab the very first note from a track and capture the instrument number from that. If the whole track is empty you just get a note in the status bar.

It can be used in conjunction with Autocapture with no problems. i.e. when Autocapture doesn`t snag, just press your short-cut for this tool and it should do the job. You can also find it in the pattern context menu.

A further feature is that when you trigger it in an empty track, the selected instrument will go to the last active instrument slot (in most scenarios empty) ready for you to add a new instrument.

Feedback on bugs/improvements of course welcome.

UPDATED to v06 – fixed a bug where if first column was empty, capture would not work.

1092 ledger.scripts.AutoCaptureFirstNote_v06.xrnx

cool, thnx. Never used auto-capture, lets see if this can improve my workflow :) .

It is worth noting in beta 2 that there is a bug that clears the shortcut set for tools with each renoise session. I believe that taktik is on to this though for beta 3.

In the mean time there is the entry in the right click menu so you are not driven up the wall by this :)

will try it out,thanks

have just used this,and it works really well actually.thanks alot for this usefull tool

i think the bug you mentions,is the same bug that beatslaughter mentions in his mixer snapshot thread

Thanks for the feedback, I`m glad it is useful to you aswell. It has been one of my pet annoyances with the current way renoise instrument capture works, though I think there is certainly a place for both methods.

Im pretty sure taktik said he was on to that bug though I cant find the exact thread at the mo, but I look forward to b3 :)

UPDATED to v06 – fixed a bug where if first column was empty, capture would not work.[s]

[/s]1092 ledger.scripts.AutoCaptureFirstNote_v06.xrnx