New tool: Harmoniks

Quick version.
It’s just an experiment where I wanted to test how to compose harmonic waves.
I just thought of trying phase distortion and so there’s a simple version.
Please note that it’s just a teaching aid for me.
No optimization.Random errors.

cz.martblek.Harmoniks.xrnx (4.0 KB)

  1. Buffer len settings (octave)
  2. Simple waveforms selector
  3. Resets all 256 harmonies
  4. Transforms the created sample into a full-fledged wave to which more and more harmonic components can
    be applied
  5. Toggle phase distortion
  6. Phase distortion parameters [x1, y1, x2 and freq]
  7. Just selector for harmonies
  8. Harmonies sliders
  9. Resets actual harmony to zero

@martblek No errors, but no waveform shows up. I set the buffer length, messed around with sliders, but no waveform. No error list to send to you, so I do not know how/why. Any advice? I LOVE sound generators :smiley:

aha, the last Phase Distortion parameter has to be used - the ‘freq’ slider. Now there’s a waveform.

wave appears after moving slider or selecting wave or buffer, phase enabled not needed.
win 11 test

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Yep, noticed that too - thank you!

another excellent tool, @martblek!

Thank you much

enjoying these tones!