New tool: Harmonio

Recently, with the new version, the name was changed from Harmoniks to Harmonio.
Now version 03 on Gumroad.

Upon request, added the possibility to generate harmonies and phases not only by morphing, but also randomly by entering a range of values.

It’s a magic checkbox next to setting values for morphing. (I’m running out of space in the GUI)

harmonio V03

Quick version.
It’s just an experiment where I wanted to test how to compose harmonic waves.
I just thought of trying phase distortion and so there’s a simple version.
Please note that it’s just a teaching aid for me.
No optimization.Random errors.

Old Version (Has no sequel)
cz.martblek.Harmoniks.xrnx (4.0 KB)

  1. Buffer len settings (octave)
  2. Simple waveforms selector
  3. Resets all 256 harmonies
  4. Transforms the created sample into a full-fledged wave to which more and more harmonic components can
    be applied
  5. Toggle phase distortion
  6. Phase distortion parameters [x1, y1, x2 and freq]
  7. Just selector for harmonies
  8. Harmonies sliders
  9. Resets actual harmony to zero

@martblek No errors, but no waveform shows up. I set the buffer length, messed around with sliders, but no waveform. No error list to send to you, so I do not know how/why. Any advice? I LOVE sound generators :smiley:

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aha, the last Phase Distortion parameter has to be used - the ‘freq’ slider. Now there’s a waveform.

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wave appears after moving slider or selecting wave or buffer, phase enabled not needed.
win 11 test


Yep, noticed that too - thank you!

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another excellent tool, @martblek!

Thank you much

enjoying these tones!

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New version for testing is out.
Menu as usual in Sample Waveform :wink:
Check Renoise Tools page.


Cool! :sunglasses:

Is it possible you forward key presses from the computer keyboard while playing around with sliders in your tool, so every time you alter a value the keyboard playing isn’t stopped? Makes for easier previewing of sounds.

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Rewrite rendering.
Added more basic waves.
Added some saturators / waveshapers /
Added adjustable Morpher + master volume
Added still experimental formant filter. /need change few coeffs /

This sounds great. Looking forward to testing tomorrow :metal:

Love this tool for BASS

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@martblek I truly am loving the results that are coming from this Tool as well! Looking at the update, I notice that extra waveforms are mentioned to be added, but in my drop-down menu it only mentions


Here’s some images

Screenshot 2022-11-19 at 10.16.18 AM

Screenshot 2022-11-19 at 10.16.23 AM

On a separate note, the saturation on the sine-waves is really nice, gives them a bit more character!

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very nice update. Some great new features here. A++

dubstep style harmonic basses are a breeze with this

Awesome subs too, with simple fundamental and some tanh shaping. Sounds great

Will definitely be using this

@martblek I’ve got an idea for you if you’re looking for another tone generator project: a wavefolding sample generator - unless one of your tools already does this?

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There was some attempt at phase distortion
and another project to create sounds using splines.
B-Splines, Catmull-Clark etc. But it’s suspended for now.
I have a lot to do and that’s probably the problem,
that nothing is completed properly :frowning:


All good. Doesn’t matter if nothing is “complete.” All is very functional!

Thanks again for making renoise even better

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i need some debugger instead of my old “prints” :slight_smile:
I’ll try remdebug

Hello. I feel a bit lame but i can’t find this tool after installing. It shows in my tool brower when searching but cant make it pop. Shoud it appear in the tool menu or the instrument panel ?
Thanks !

right click on the waveform editor, or assign a hotkey :slight_smile:

It works , thanks ! Simple and powerfull. Already created cool sounding synths since my last post :slight_smile:

Yeah, harmoniks is great. Love the saturation/distortion curves :+1:


V0.04 version is out.
I decided to add some midi mapping to Harmonio so that at least the knobs can be turned in live performance.
enjoy and test.


would it be possible to add note pitch as a length value? I’m really only using this for single cycle waveforms and it would be handy to have a drop down menu or value field for sample length as note pitch. As it is, I select user and input 1348 for C and go from there, but it would be nice to be able to select pitches directly

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