New Tool: Jump To/from Send


Jump to/from Send


Another simple but useful workflow improvement.

When being in a normal track: Jumps to the first send used by the track.
When being in a send: Jumps to the first track using it.

(I usually use sends for filtered delays or something simple, and I name them poorly too. Now navigation is fast whenever I want to tweak something.)


Keybinding preference is found under Global:Tools:Jump to/from send.

Nice! Just earlier today, when working on the DDRColla I thought this exact tool would come in a lot of use :) Brilliant for large projects where Sends are off screen when looking at the source Tracks :)

You really are coming out with a lot of small but useful usability tools at the moment. Shows you’ve been thinking about workflow in a good way. Props from me mister :)

great idea. following from what kazakore said, you should maybe consider releasing a ‘joel’s workflow tools’-pack someday.

That’s what I needed ! Cool ! Thanx ! :rolleyes:

workflow compilations would be appreciated

Fixed this for Renoise 3.01

Attachment 5825 not found.



Modified version with two commands
"Jump to send"
"Jump from send"

It is actually now some kind of “multi-jump” with support for multiple sends

-> Select a track with one or more sends, call “Jump to send” (key or track context menu)
-> first send will be selected
-> again call/press “Jump to send”
-> next send target track targeted from source will be selected (if source track had more than one send devices). So you can step thru all sends easily, just by re-pressing the shortcut.
-> if no more targets, first send track will be selected

-> The same vice versa. Here of course use the shortcut “Jump from send” instead.

-> For version 1.3++: It supports jumping from track->send->send etc. To preserve the stepping thru one source->multi target routing, for these multi serial routings you have to click the source track first (e.g. a send track that may be targeted itself and targets another send), to make it a source. See note below.

Status messages:
-> always shows the current routing, including how many other routing are available.

-> flashes the source track. If no flashing, no target is there.~~Color flashing was disabled, since color changes are now written into undo history, so it would flood the history.


Recent V1.3b: Attachment 6919 not found.


Minor bugfix which should prevent error message that sometimes appeared after loading a song.

V1.3 beta 2: Attachment 5856 not found.

** ATTENTION (ONLY V1.3 beta 2 and below) **

Since Renoise 3.1b5 color changes will be written to undo history. So you need to disable color flashes for fluent working by changing one line in JFTS.lua:

JFTS.useFlash = false

Bugfixed renoise opening bug. You need to rebind hotkeys.

This version now supports jumping from a send targeting another send, so jumping track->send->send etc. It works like the version below, only if there is a routing using two or more sends in series, the behaviors changes.

If you want to jump from a send to another send (to the right), you have to click this track first (this is not the case while stepping thru source non-send tracks).

The is one problem here, you need to be aware of: If the send that you want to jump from is already selected by the script, if you then re-click it, Renoise will not trigger this click. So you have to click another track first and then the send you want, again.

V1.2: Attachment 5849 not found.

This version seems to be stable. It support one jump per direction, so jumping track->send or send->track. Not track->send->send->… etc.

Attachment 5840 not found. (V1.1)
Attachment 5832 not found. (V1.0)
Attachment 5827 not found. (bugfix 1)

V1.2: Displays source track nums now, fixed color problems on very fast changes, fixed on-new-song-error.
V1.1: Now with crazy color flashes! Wrapped into reusable class. U need to rebind key commands.
V1.0: Now with support for multi band send,Sorts multiples out
bugfix 1: Under some conditions, an error was thrown. Hopefully now fixed.

Alternative script: built a sophisticated tool with a lot of features. This script is a more simplified variant for quick usage.


update ^^


EDIT: It seems I reinvented/alzheimerized the wheel:, for faderport this script still makes lot of sense (only 2 buttons free :stuck_out_tongue: )

Its all good! In fact Joules script came before mine (I missed it myself), like you say different approaches work for different set-ups.

Now what was that idea I had for linking loads of midi gear into renoise… was gonna call it Dimplex…

Hi Ledger,

since your tool looks quite more advanced, can we maybe join the code? What I am missing is this stepping thru source tracks or send tracks like in joule’s/my tool. Also the flashing of the opposite track is a quite helpful, but doesn’t work any huge arrangement where the other track isn’t visible… they why i now added status messages… I would like to have these two shortcuts in your tool , too!

The status thing is a bit annoying, for example if i also use the faderport tool (which constantly writes status), i won’t be able to see any message from my tool… thats why i delayed the output to status a bit. but of course it would be very helpful, if you could just add a message to the buffer of status, which would be scrolled, or for realtime, reaing the status() do add a sting behind it… Or the status could scroll from right to left. …Or adding a priority to the status string PRIORITY_LOW, PRIORITY_HIGH, so Renoise would display low priority later automatically…Of course this never will happen …

Any better ideas for highlighting the track pairs apart from status writing?

EDIT: What I mean is, have I your go to add the above functionality to your tool? Of course I won’t use the code from above since it’s grown without any technical conceptional thoughts… I your tool, everything like a source and target track list is already available, so quite easy to add my stuff…

What do you think?

If you create a compatible lua file with your code in I can put it in the tool if you like. I already have a file in there with some functions that Cas provided. It does make life easier for me if it can be organised like that.

At the top of the main.lua file you will see the “cas_additions” require inclusion. The require, “keyfuncs” is for some of my own my own functions. Following that in main.lua, are all the keybindings for these functions. It looks like Ive left at least the functions in main.lua global, but you can strip out any **local** keywords on the variables markedglobal` if needed. These are currently scoped locally to main.lua.

--imports relevant files
require "keyfuncs"
require "cas_additions"

With the status issue, you could use a custom GUI (on a timer to close it) that flashes a message up. Beyond something hacky like that though, I can`t think of much else --maybe changing some other text in renoise temporarily…

Edit: It may be worth asking/ crediting Joule aswell if re-using any of his code.

Ok, but I will do not use any code from this tool, I will use your available functions… Only form conceptional view, I don’t know how to solve the quick-jump from-source-to-target-to-target, since I would like to preserve this stepping-thru (sources or targets). So maybe you would first have to click the track, it will be taken as base so long until you will click the next track? But this would involve the mouse, too, and wouldn’t be so practical anymore?


Updated version above

Regarding color flashing undo problem (introduced with Renoise 3.1b5):

Change a line in JFTS.lua to:

JFTS.useFlash = false

Minor bugfix

Good workflow idea. Having an option to jump to master would be very useful for me too, though the send is still a great timesaver. Cheers.

Good workflow idea. Having an option to jump to master would be very useful for me too, though the send is still a great timesaver. Cheers.

Eh, I think there is already a vanilla-built-in shortcut for this?

There is? Still things I haven’t explored yet and haven’t got all the shortcuts down. I’ll look into it. Cheers for the heads up, appreciate it.

Edit : Ctrl+Shift+End to skip to master track. Disregard my post then (note to self: brush up on shortcuts).

Please note that this tool is probably superseded by

(updated OP)