Note Off - Pattern Command

To get the most out of the really detailed instrument envelopes we’re now able to create, it’d be necessary to have a pattern command available to send Note-Offs for the line they’re applied on. Value could be the number of ticks, after which the whole lines note should be released.

Even more awesome would be to have this command available for each note seperately, like the Cx on the volume and pan columns. :) Cx iteself doesn’t work for this purpose, since it simply cuts the whole volume envelope.

Example (let’s call it ‘Z’):
C-4 00 Z8

This would send a Note-Off after 8 ticks for the note on the same line.

I’m not proposing an alternative or workaround; i’m just informing those who are unuaware of this that command 0Cxy can be used to set note volume to x/16th after y ticks.

I also miss this command but always felt it would an overkill to use a pattern command for this; maybe it would not be the case for volume column, instead

That should then work the same for all instrument options (sample, plugin and midi)

Would take care of the problem mentioned in this thread - if properly implemented for recording also.

Was going to suggest the same thing.

So: +1

+1, must exist for recording

+1, have asked for this loooong time ago (topic something like, “be able to record arpeggio” or something, what do I know I probably meant staccato)
Anyway yeah.

It would be worderful !
In my opinion is not really important having this new command if you use samples, but it is worderful if you use plugins, like i usually do . Sometimes making “psytrance bass” in reanoise drive me mad because actually there isn’t a way to insert a “note off command” between two narrow notes .

Is the lack of this why my midi recordings easily gets mangled? Seems like a must, in that case.

(In the XM format, this is the Kxx effect)