Option In Menu To Toggle Between Old And New Chord Mode

Can you PLEASE put an option in the menu or somewhere that allows one to toggle between using the old chord method and the new chord method? This way everyone can be happy. I’m sure that there are people who actually like the new chord mode, but for me it seriously hinders my workflow and I very much preferred the old chord mode.


EDIT: actually, it’s more than that–it would be a toggle between the old way of handling non-chord mode and the new as well. Basically a toggle between the old handling of midi note entry and the new.

Can you be more specific regarding what behaviour you want? This could be related to my request for an option to toggle the handling of note lengths / NOTE-OFF insertion during recording.

This seems to be the same problem that kizzume has and the same as I have picked up on before aswell.

Here is another thread regarding this:


Just for the record I think it would be a great shame if only an option between old mode and new were added and no improvement with the new were made. My proposed solution is that the chord mode would only respond to notes and noteoffs sent by the MIDI keyboard and will ignore the pattern data.

It is great to have the new mode but I have to agree this is a real functionality killer for step/ live recroding by ear.

Ok looking further at your posts mmrn I see you spotted that it is to do with audio not noteoffs. Just tested this here and can confrirm as I believed it to be note-off related. This makes the current behaviour even more unintuitive. I tried this with a short hihat sound then looped the hihat to be continuous → different behaviour.

Yes, ledge, it is exactly the same issue that I posted about before, the same issue I had talked about in that thread you linked to. I sincerely appreciate that there’s at least one other person on this forum who knows what I’m talking about. Thanks. :)

Looks like there`s at least three of us now ;)

edit; From the other thread/s we know taktik is aware also, so hopefully after the holidays he can have another look at this issue, might be worth a bump when he is back on the forums…