Organizational Help

I am cutting up drum tracks from about 20 sessions to create a drum sample library for renoise. We’re talking hours and hours of multitracked material.

What do you think would be more useful… Singleshots of drum sounds, or instruments that would, for example, contain 10 snare hits from the same recording?

I’m not sure how to approach it. I like the simplicity and ease of use of singleshots, but can see the appeal of keeping things grouped into instruments.

Just hoping for some pointers on this organizational quandry.

I’m sure single shot samples (not instruments) would be the most flexible all-around solution (especially if you are considering doing this for public release). Instruments would be a bonus and I added some quick notes on those below.

-Saving single hits as XRNI makes sense if you want to fine tune the sample with envelopes, fadeout parameters, or set NNA actions for example.

-Renoise XRNI supports layering hits with different velocities into layers. If you have soft/hard hits you might consider ordering them so. I’ve made some tools I’ve used to do some of the manual work involved, but they’re still “works in progress”. (Velocity layerer) (Grab sample keyzones)

-Renoise XRNI does not (yet…) support round-robin or random sample pool selection, so one can not yet do a snare that would automatically sound a little bit different on each hit.

I hadn’t considered the advantages of packaging singleshots as XRNI (instead of multiple slices packaged as XRNI). Very interesting. Thank you!