pattern FX for pitch control

This might have been suggested before, but now with the new phrase editor it would even be more handy to have a pattern effect to set the triggering note to a certain pitch immediately.
something like C-4 … 0H80 -> no effect, 0H81 -> +1 semitone (note is immediately played at C#4), 0H7A -> -6 semitones to F#3
or maybe 0Zxy with x for Octave, y for note

drum phrases could be pitched with no need for modulation macros, as well as sounds that just span a keyzone of 1 note length. And it would be good for melodyphrases too, so one could easily change it’s scale without affecting further changes of the starting note.

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+1 for subsemitone pitch changes.

You can’t do what you want with Glide?

Glide command has received a little change in the way it works: entering the maximum possible value (0GFF for effect column or GF for volume/pan columns) will now cause the pitch slide to become instant.

I also would like this feature