pls put back the smpl/midi/instrument buttons back to bottom

pls put back the smpl/midi/instrument buttons back to bottom, or, if someone desperate really need them on top of the editorscreen, doubble them. its a big waste of mousekilometers every time XD
i personally prefer (1). then we could move the switch for scopes/bars to the bar above and win some precious space for the trackwindow!


Yes from me to move the buttons to the bottom. (thereby removing one of the taskbars and improving vertical space usage.)

No to doubling. (Ie. hindering vertical space…)



good idea, +1

-1 No!

Yeah i also like it new way

old way +1

Indeed, you move your mouse way too much in this current setup although I dont see why you couldnt just make it so you can MOVE the buttons to where you wanted them to be.

How about making WORKSPACES a thing? That would be pretty sweet.

EDIT: before someone chimes in and says the obvious you can have your own views etc, im talking button layout too, not only hide/shrink views.