Re-ordering effect chains in instruments


Because of the limitations on where send devices can be routed to in instrument effect chains it would be useful if the vertical order of instrument fx chains could be changed.


  • I want to route a send on FX chain 2 to FX chain 1 - Currently I can’t do this
  • I would like to drag FX chain 1 so that it is below FX chain 2, then I can use the send in the way I want.

Alternatively just enable sends to be routed to any FX chain :)

Cannot insert FX Chain between "FX Chain 01" and "None&#34
List of feature suggestions for Renoise
(It-Alien) #2

gets +1 from danoise, It-Alien and Achenar at least, but I think that this feature is quite a logical addition, since there is a limitation in routing

(catchpharse) #3

Hi there,

I achieved something like that using the swap-function from the current API.
It’s not drag&drop, but shortcut-able.

You can find the script here.

Happy tracking!

(thematrixhasyou) #4

+1 definately