Recording dialog - create sample on each take

I would find it useful with an option in the recording dialog that would allow us to record samples into the same instrument, without having to fiddle with the sampler to create a new sample each time.

I guess this is a bit related to requests about processing “instr. FX chain” as well as “track FX”, in the sense that we can work more within the boundaries of the 3.x instrument

That would be so incredibly useful.

Please with auto trim option to remove the silence from the beginning and end of the sample. I miss this generally in the sample editor.

("…sOUUNnnd…") => (“sOUUNnnd”) :D


+1 to both suggestions (record samples into the same instrument and autotruncate)

just for fun I have made a mockup of this

Do you imagine that a loop range could be set up in the pattern(s) and then cycled with Record in progress, making a new take with each pass?
Maybe, if we think about this as a ‘stack’ of takes, then a way to visualise the stack and include/exclude portions from each take to ‘comp’ into one perfect take might be very useful.

This might even be a useful concept to pass on to MIDI recording as well. We could, instead of recording samples, create new Phrases for example. Instead of ‘stacks’ here we might consider track groups as a way to store, organise and reassemble the takes.

To begin with, I’d rather see more control of the recording dialog (this is a long-standing API suggestion of mine).

When it comes to your suggestion about recording a sequence of takes and then selecting the best, indeed this could be improved with an additional feature in which you could create a new sample/instrument each time the pattern wraps. Then you’d have no need to stop and start recording to begin with.

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