Render In Batch

Small idea that could come in handy at the moment… :)

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Do a search for ‘batch’ and you’ll see that it’s been requested before:


Possible as Tool?

Basically what it has to do is letting you pick a list of xrns files, open and render them after each other until it has reached the end of the list…
Or is it impossible to get the information of the renderer if he has done rendering?

Is it impossible for other reasons, please enlighten me. :)

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I’ve been seeing this suggestion for a couple of years here on this forum and it always seems to get a lot of support but seems to always fall to the wayside
(probably due to all our other tireless feature demands)

Couldn’t this just be done at the command line? I don’t need a gui for it, just a command, some option flags and maybe a man page. Hell, I’d prefer a command for this over doing it in renoise anyway.

make this doable via command line please?

here’s my pipe dream:

renoiseRender (-flags) (Sample rate) (Bit depth) (source) (destination)

renoiseRender -ehaTvf 96 32 /media/renoise/xrns/* /media/premasterMixdowns/

(render Entire song, high priority, perfect interpolation, save each track to separate file… will render allll xrns files in /media/renoise/xrns/ into subfolders in /media/premasterMixdowns/. Subfolders are named by the xrns file.

e - Entire Song
s - Selection in Sequence
p - Selection in Pattern

h - high priority
l - low priority

c - Cubic interpolation (very good)
a - Arguru’s sinc Interpolation (perfect)

T - Save each track into a separate file
P - Save each pattern into a separate file

v - verbose
f - create a folder in the destination for each xrns

Sample rates:

22 - 22050 Hz sample rate
44 - 44100 Hz sample rate
48 - 48000 Hz sample rate
88 - 88200 Hz sample rate
96 - 96000 Hz sample rate

Bit depths:
16 - 16 Bit
24 - 24 Bit
32 - 32 Bit

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