Renoise 2.7.1 - Small Maintenance Release

Hey all,

We’ve released a small maintenance today, Renoise 2.7.1 which fixes one urgent (a possible crash with Lua tool error dialogs on OSX) a few other quirks. Its available at:




first! hehehehe. nice, thanks for that.

Will a 2.7.x address this problem?:
C-Media USB Mono Device OSX issue


The Check for updates tool doesn’t see this revision.

How about considering difference based updates further down the road to reduce update install size. That would also enable to issue updates easier.
Given the stability of Renoise and given that it’s not a big deal to install an updated version (compared to nearly everything else), it might be a real drag to invest time in this, so I’m not making a whole topic out of it. Just thinking about it, that’s all.

i’m having a lot of FUN… you all rock :D , thank you.

:yeah: :w00t: :drummer: :guitar: :panic: Oh Yeah - gotta love the updates :yeah: :w00t: :drummer: :guitar: :panic:
:yeah: :w00t: :drummer: :guitar: :panic: Oh Yeah - gotta love the smileys :yeah: :w00t: :drummer: :guitar: :panic:



Many Thanks

Big thanx for the edit step!

Hey Taktik,

Thanks for update and especially for quoted feature. My life is easier again :)

Thanks, but do i need this when i upgraded to 2.7.1 yesterday or is it already integrated?

If you mean 2.7.0, yes