[Fixed 2.7.1] Edit Step Not Saved Anymore

So yeah, it’s not a bug as it’s “intended” but I find this change very annoying. I like to work with edit step at 0, so I don’t change it manually very often and I don’t really want to have to reset it everytime I open a project. Can we at least decide of the default value somewhere in the preferences, or go back with the old behaviour ?

Thanks for reading

I agree, the way it was before was fine.

Definitely, Edit Step should be remembered :)

hope it’s not too late for a change before final release :(



Why it was changed at all?
+1 for switching back to old behavior.

I can understand that for those using editstep 0 this can be annoying


Yes, please bring this back for the final release.

Sorry, guys but I really don’t understand why saving edit step either in the song or in the preferences would help in any way. Even if it would, it IMHO confuses more people than being helpful.

Can you really remember which edit step you’ve used “last” in song XYZ? And even if you can, isn’t it much more friendly to most users to reset it to something which makes sense by default (step 1). Also setting a new step doesn’t even steal a second of time when hitting the shortcut?

So I do understand that saving this might be useful to some, but definitely not to most.

Does it really confuse anyone except people who are brand new to renoise ? I rarely use edistep 1 at all, usually my lpb is 8 for resolution, there are tracks that are 3/4 signature and where i most likely remember what
editstep i used - I agree it’s not a big deal to set a new one by shortcut, I am just not sure if your logic is valid to anybody except for very new users, who would have to be totally ignorant to basic concept of tracker
and if they get confused, are they going to shut down the renoise and load the track again, just so they have edit step 1 ? - renoise users are using their own project majority of times, so why not have it saved for their own
projects ?

Well for me (for example), 1 is almost never used (I use 0 most of the time). We all have different workflow, or use different LPB, etc… it was fine as it was before and nobody asked for a change as far as I know.
I have a lot of example where it can be really annoying.

I’m working on a lot of songs at the same time and often have to close/open different projects, and having to reset everytime the editstep (even if it takes a sec) is not logic at all (+ you have to think about it to not forget resetting it everytime…).

Anyway thanks for answering and sorry for my poor english ^_^

I remember, because it is almost always 0. Of course I change it sometimes, but I almost always reset it back to zero - hence the unpleasant surprise each time I find out it is 1 again. And it is not really the need to press ctrl+0 that annoys me (as you say, that hardly takes any time at all), it is the need to remember it. But maybe I’ll get used to it.

Come to think of it, I could just write a tool to reset the edit step each time Renoise starts, so it doesn’t really matter…

I use edit step sometimes i wish to have such option with mouse scroll i mean option like editstep “jump x lines”. Good option imo, and yes i will be reminding about this from time to time :P

Simonus, yeah it’d be sweet if edit-step also affected cursor up cursor down.

Done! :)

Just install this tool, and edit step will be reset to 0 each time Renoise starts (or a new song is loaded).

@nism: that’s the spirit!

Now when do we get to start voting which scripts should be made natively Renoise?

Personally, I would prefer saving edit step Global and PER TRACK as well. And support for noninteger edit step, i.e. Renoise just calculates a new delay value depend on previous line(s).

Example, Edit step = 3/2

Pch dl  
C-4 00  
C-4 80