What'S The Current State Of 1.8 Voting Results On Backstage?

lol at direct x plugin support, how time flies.

this makes me wonder, it states:
“new votings will soon be available”

not so soon imo :)

but seriously, was feature-voting just a thing of the past, now revoked in favour of the current “don’t ask don’t tell” policy? (not bashing the policy, i enjoy the suprise every time)

haha, i heard that “grrreat” in my head when i saw the pic! almost forgot about those sketches.

for those of you who haven’t seen it:


yeah the fast show , back in the goold old days when I had a television .
the gay landlord and his housekeeper , the fucking geezer …rofl
hilarious show

From: Why Buy?
Registered users get voting power at Renoise Backstage. You will decide which features we work on.


I was wondering about that back when I was introduced to Renoise at 2.1, but then I forgot to mention it, followed by me completely forgetting about it until just now.

I reckon it’s time for a new poll! What do you want now?

  • More XRNI extensions (modular XRNI construction / soft keyzones / per-instrument and/or per-voice and/or per-sample DSP-chains with internal sends, etc.)
  • Clip arranger / pattern as instrument / other macro-perspective composition tool
  • Renoise as a VST plug-in (think of “we put a Renoise in yo Renoise, so u can track while u track”: this could actually supplant the first and second ideas to a great extent)
  • Instrument library/manager with tagging (hopefully based on an internal database, file metadata, or better – both, with 2-way sync)
  • Further modernised envelope editing (splines / different ramp-type per segment / inter-segment smoothing / larger envelope view)
  • Detachable / dockable panels
  • Piano roll
  • Audio tracks / waveform graphical overlay
  • Pitch shifter / time-stretcher
  • DirectX plugin support (haha … I mean, respectfully, I don’t see the point)
  • Your Idea Here

Just a proposal though! (Should I turn this into a proper forum poll, or am I hijacking what should be up to the devs to decide?)

Yes the voting more or less seems overruled by the ideas and suggestions forum these days.
We look at what is most requested in these forums and more or less attempt to get some of these options into the next version.
Also adding/ implementing suggestions done during the Beta phase also seem pleasing enough for many.

I’ve been checking that periodically since I bought 2.1 hoping they would start a new round of voting, but have been disappointed each time. :(

renoise is a republic, not a democracy!

The real answer is that the voting script is tied to the rest of the Backstage. It’s sort of hardcoded if you will, and changing it has proven difficult because it affects the rest of the Backstage (downloads, accounts, upgrades, …)

It’s one of those things where if you could go in a time machine and do over, you would.

It’s on the TODO list, way at the bottom. :(

personally, i don’t really mind. as vV pointed out, it seems the ideas/suggestions forum has indeed taken over the role of the voting function, but i do not think it’s a bad development, seeing for example with 2.7b how many stuff from that forum has been implemented.

I had a small argument about this with some guy a couple of years ago stating that the beta forums are open to everyone so the feature discussion is no longer exclusive to registered users.
It is true, however non-registered users still have no access to the Beta downloads so they don’t really have a solid base experience to join the discussion either.



From thread:
“The Highly Alpha version of the formula device. It is unofficially available under the hood but officially not supported and can cause crashes if not used properly.”

The device was already available since Renoise 2.6.
If you know which start-parameter to use, you can also script in 2.5 (be it that the API isn’t yet that advanced in 2.5)

Giving Renoise the ability to be a Rewire client was the one item on that list I really wanted.

That has been implemented (quite nicely I might add), so I feel like I have been listened to. :yeah:

OSX Mono Input Device bug to be fixed in a future update

[2.7.2 thread](Renoise 2.7.2 - Maintenance Release & Update For Osx Lion view findpost p 244125)

[Autofade=true/false missing from 2.7.2 API](Access To Autofade In Lua view findpost p 247472)

[Api Realtime Rendering Fails When Called From A Gui]([Fixed 2.8] Api Realtime Rendering Fails When Called From A Gui view findpost p 248904)

Osx: Possible Crash On Save When Running Out Of Diskspace

[Stutter might be coming back](Stutter gopid 251081)



yes, whoever thought that rewire would be a good idea to implement in renoise was a clever fellow

running renoise both as rewire master to reason and as slave to other daws, has really added lots of value for me

i’m not sure i’d be using renoise at all if it wasn’t for rewire

so, again, thanks a lot for rewire!

hope to see 64-bit rewire in the future… but other features like clips or loading multiple .xrns in one single renoise instance are much more important

[http://www.renoise.com/board/index.php?/topic/32376-fixed-osx-starting-renoise-with-wav-file-as-arg-does-not-load-it/page__p__254800#entry254800](http://www.renoise.com/board/index.php?/topic/32376-fixed-osx-starting-renoise-with-wav-file-as-arg-does-not-load-it/page p 254800#entry254800)

this rumors that OSX / Linux Mono Device would be coming in a next version. Or the next version. One can never say for certain what that means, however.

Pending Bug-fixes also has a couple more [fixed] posts:
[Fixed] Osx: Starting Renoise With Wav File As Arg Does Not Load It
[Fixed] Osx: Changing Aggregate Device Inputs Can Cause A Crash
[Fixed] Quitting Renoise With .lua Modifications, Cancel=Loop

Lookin good, I guess ;)