Renoise 2.8.2 beta just appeared on the backstage

So, haven’t checked here in a few days, and i decide to check the backstage site… =)

It seems to be mostly a bugfix release, the README hasn’t been updated.

Wow, thats weird! I’m looking forward to the changelog.

Curious! Why wasn’t there a post about it :o

Only bugfixes, nothing new I guess?

aww, I was thoroughly enjoying being the only person who knew about it. hah. I installed windows last week and noticed it. I am surprised it took so long for this thread to pop up :P

oh - it’s real? I was expecting some sorta gotcha after logging in. Is there much reason to download this? I’m just probably going to wait it out.

The changelog is this bugfix list:


the release of 2.8.2 was mostly due to OSX Mavericks causing crashes when using AU plugins, so thank Apple for it :)

Fixed a bug where we hadn’t had any good Renoise 3.0 rumors in a while

doh! i expected that “source” link to point to the full source code of renoise :D

… oh btw in the linux archive (at least the 32bit) all files are chmod +x …slightly annoying :confused:

hahaha one year of bugfixing release :D
this is a huge step forward :D hahahahahahahaha or maybe NO

I am glad they´re in it for making perfect software for those who have not buyed upgrade that last to to 3.0. Cheers! Even though i have.

lil bug: readme.txt has unix style CR/LFs. As such it opens messed up in notepad on Windows.
also, removing the Renoise_Reg.exe after installing takes ± 6 minutes.

You should report this directly at Microsoft Support.

That’s the best idea I heard today. And I’ve been watching TED and THNKR on youtube.

Where was the sarcasm smiley? :P