Renoise Challenge #1

I’ve decided based on feedback from the glorious channel that is #renoise, to hold a very special event. I was thinking of holding a competition, but as I’ve got nothing to offer up as a prize, it occurred to me that perhaps there would be fairly little competition. Someone suggested a compilation, but I thought that by itself seemed a bit shallow. I needed something to hold the attention of the participants. I needed something that would make it worthwhile to everyone involved…

… I needed, A CHALLENGE!!! THUNDEROUS BOOM!!!:panic:


So, as it stands, I’ve decided to start something I call the Renoise Challenge. This will be the first of many ongoing Renoise Challenges, and each challenge could possibly result in a compilation or perhaps just some harmless fun if there aren’t enough people participating. The challenges will all have a theme which pushes the limits of both your creativity as a producer, and of Renoise’s abilities as an omnipotent software creature. There will be no time limit for the challenges, but I would assume the hype for each will die down after about a month, just in time for the next challenge.


That’s right, I’m going to force you to make a song with only one note column. cracks the whip

Rules are as follows:
Post your finished tracks in this thread, in .XRNS format! If you need someone to host your songs, PM me and I’ll pass you my email address… I’ve got webspace. I don’t want to see people resorting to rapidshare or any of those other horrible file sharing sites.

So yah, that’s about it… I think I got all the rules in there. HAVE FUN!!! :drummer:

I’ll do something up if I get time.

brilliant - i was looking for a chance to show off!

one note column eh - i’m gonna have to think about this…

ah shit - i’ve got 2 instances of renoise running - how do i save an sample in one so i can use it in the other?

or just - how do i save instruments / samples into a directory?

Well I know you can drag from your file window directly into the sample list, so perhaps you can do the same thing to file… but keep in mind you can also load instruments and samples directly from a song file without loading the song itself ;)


Serious Play XRNS Zipped


Ask again when the delay DSP allows line syncs higher than 32… (and even 32 doesn’t work on slow speeds) :P

good idea… now all the chipcompos i took part in will pay back?? =)


(ps: yes, i really had nothing better to do, and well, i used megaupload to annoy bytesmash0r =( )

edit: here without the dissonance :x


:blink: Uhm, sorry to tell you dude, but that’s a fail :( … you used 2 note columns :wacko:

… Not to mention your samples are SERIOUSLY longer than 10 seconds each!


How about composing with just one note?

Cool stuff! So then could you also record these generated sequences in renoises sample editor? :)

I could record the stuff live in the pattern editor without having to do anything actually.
I just didn’t had the record mode turned on at the moment i recorded that video-session.

Sorry BYTE, I failed the challenge :D Still, I hope people like what I did ;)

Sounds awesome kaneel :o … GOOD JOB! :D

BTW pplz, Kaneel’s XRNS will only play properlike in 1.9.1

:walkman: weGotaALOLAZ :yeah:

Here is my little entry: OGG | XRNS

:D :D :D :D :D

Another one!!!
popcorn (challenge#1).zip

Here’s the final version: MP3 XRNS (zipped, 469kb)