Renoise Fundraiser

I have $10 canadian dollars in a Paypal account doing nothing. I’d like to donate it to Renoise.

I know this discussion is old but I don’t want to buy a t-shirt or a thong. I don’t want to buy another copy of Renoise. I want to donate $10 CAN. I’m cheap.

If everyone donated $10 you might have more than best wishes and good intentions. If you need to invoice me, call it consulting. You tech supported for me in the forums.

What’s the verdict?

I just bought two copies of Renoise. I will more than likely buying more in the next month or so(if I can convince some friends to switch)…

But, I do like the idea of a donation feature. I’d also love the ability for a group of us to “buy the developers off”. For instance, if I wanted modular routing functionality like Buzz, more features from IT, a linux port, the ability to modify everything from the pattern editor, the “insta-breakcore button”, multiple monitor support etc…I could raise enough money for the developers to implement it.

Another idea for a fundraiser is to get the resident gurus to make a special renoise-only album and sell it on cd and provide the rns files. (With professional mastering…)

I’d buy it…and I’d also buy a shirt.


Put a paypal donation button on the front page, see what happens :)

The CD sounds like a cool idea.

I tried to buy a shirt, but they don’t ship to Australia. :(

I bought a t-shirt some days ago.’s base price for that shirt with print is ¤15.90 and the Renoise shop sells it for ¤15.90, so that’s a cool ¤0 going straight into Renoise development. :P

I’m not so sure about a donate button… it could send the message that Renoise is in trouble. On the other hand… nothing would please me more if TakTik was able to make a good living coding Renoise and if donations would mean less time spent down at the saw mill (guessing) and more time spent developing then I’m all for it.

Hey Mate, where in Australia are you?

Brisbane. At least until the water runs out …

hmm interesting)
i want grouping VST effects features)
what about this. Some people want some thing and dont want to wait after this developers should say price and we will pay it.

Well, you both pretty much nailed the reason why they don’t accept donations. In the words of the big man himself:

Thank you, Phonkey. Now I don’t have to quote taktik. ;)

But anyway, in stead of donating directly to renoise, why not donate to SDcompo, so they can buy RNS licences and give them away as prizes?

Or, even better, simply buy a licence, host a compo yourself and donate the licence to somebody who don’t yet have it. Or anybody on the forum who writes “I can’t afford Renoise right now”, as there actually are a few of those.

Hey, I can’t afford a new home! :D

Yes, I know that quote very well.

I don’t want to buy features, I don’t want to bribe you, I just want to send $10. Think of it as free drink money if I ever met any of you in a pub or club. I’m sure many feel the same way? Those who don’t, f**** off?


“buy them off” was meant to be tongue-in-cheek. I was thinking out loud(on the board).

Renoise is closed-source. So the only way for me(or anyone else) to have additional features added(or improved) is to request them or vote for them when the time comes. Or convince everyone that it is needed and thus the “community votes”. :)

Here is the scenario I was thinking about:
If I(or a group) REALLY wanted something to be implemented, the developers could be contacted. Renoise is a commercial entity and the contact would be a business to business interaction. So if the developers said the job would take 40 hours at $$$/hour, we could raise the money necessary.

This is strictly a hypothetical situation regarding a problem that doesn’t (yet) exist.

Maybe there will be a full sdk available at some point, where a programmer(like myself) could add whatever functionality desired without bugging the Renoise guys?

The new XML format is a huge step forward.

I would like that… Id die for midi bypass control, for using Renoise live. People could get together if some had the same wish.

i think it will be cool thing if any body want do some thing very quickly he will pay and developers do it quickly as posible.

This is just added and useless pressure.

Let’s say you are quoted 80 hours, at $50 an hour. That’s $4000. Let’s say that money is good to go. Now what? Do you pay up front? What if the feature isn’t delivered? Do you pay after and screw Renoise over by not paying after all? Do you expect profits after this feature is implemented / resold to the rest who didn’t pool the money together? Too many logistics that will result in chaos.

@vectorarray: In the past. There has been public posts asking for more Renoise developers to step up and join the team. If you are any good and actually have the time, perhaps that offer is still valid? Most who pull the “do it yourself” card, don’t have what it takes, or recoil in horror when they are called on their boasting.

I just want to send $10.

It is typical in business transactions to use a neutral 3rd party. The 3rd party would be judge of what is “finished”. As far as money goes, a simple contract could be drawn up. i.e. Half up front…half when delivered. Why would I or anyone else expect profits after paying to implement an idea? Does the poster who suggests some hot new feature after winning a beatbattle feel entitled to a share of the profits when Renoise sells better than ever? I mean it was HIS idea.

I have not been using Renoise nor have I been on this board for long. I have never seen a post calling for developers. Maybe there should be a dedicated stickie or page if the developers need help?

Am I pulling a “card”? I don’t see why you feel urged to attack me for offering an idea. An idea that I even clarified to be pure speculation. Again, I was just tossing an idea out there. My two licenses of Renoise does not entitle me to ram my opinions on the developers. Even, if I gave $10,000. But, if a mutual agreement could be made, where’s the harm? IT and Buzz both died on the vine. I feel strongly about Renoise and would love to see it flourish. $$$ helps.

For the record, I am gainfully employed in the software industry.

I wasn’t attacking you. Sorry if you feel that way. If anything, my lack of skills to contribute are where my heart is coming from and I always feel I am speaking to a mirror. Perhaps I’m a narcissist? Haha.

I don’t speak for anyone here except myself. This thread is a revival of the same idea thoroughly discussed and rejected here. At the end of the day, I am meerly interested in the idea of a “tip jar” as eloquently put by Bantai.

someone [credible] makes a renoise donations paypal account.

people donate to the account.

hold competitions, contests, whatever and the winner of these would win a copy of renoise (or maybe other things?)

good way to draw attention and get a larger user base in a fun / non stressful way.