Renoise Keygen

WRead back my message LOL :D

fookin excellent track backing that page :D

WD Beats and ptrance - surprised (and annoyed) that I havent heard it before :o

head bangin

Awwh… can’t get access to the site, is it down? I want my copy!! ;)

Seriously though, just registered last week. Since then I’m 5 tracks down with no sleep. Renoise will be the death of me. In a good way. Hmm.

But yeah, would’ve wanted to hear the track at least, is the site down?

The site is back.

hehehe! great! Like Monty Python jokes :)

In case someone is looking for the background song, here is the old thread:

Well, better do so, just in case Renoise Ltd gets bankrupt and you cannot obtain a new key…

Very nice :P I love it!

Where is the mandatory keygen chiptune? :(

Renoise can do better. :P

Divide by zero error! Universe halted.

Just got this message:

Can’t replicate the issue. Is anyone else having similar problems? :rolleyes:

If it would be for Renoise 2.6, he would be right. But there is currently no 2.6 demo online, so he can’t test this key on 2.6.
I Have no issues with this on 2.5 though.
He most likely probably forgot to click on the link to the order page and follow the instructions there.

Teh awesome! :D

woaaa killer track !!

Hahaha, I was surprised when I saw that. I use the demo version, it will be cool to have the “no-restrictions” version. In my country 50 or 300 euros is a lot of money, the funny thing is that I have craked versions of Logic, Digital Performer, Live, (In a Hackintosh, no Mac) FL Studio… and I use Renoise demo as my main DAW, and
Reaper legally for audio recording.
Obviously is the decision of the Renoise developers the business model, and they make a great job, and Renoise is cheap, but theres only one reason that no craked version of this software exists : popularity.
Besides that, as soon as I can get money with music, I will purchase the software.

Hello, I’ve the same problem.
Your key is generated…
but where ? what to do?

  1. Try rebooting your computer
  2. Try rebooting it again (sometimes it takes few tries before it works)
  3. Make sure you have latest updates installed for operating system.
  4. DISABLE virus software (may quarantine key file)
  5. Restart computer again (again, may take few tries)
  6. Make sure you have no knots in network cable.
  7. Make sure nobody is looking
  8. Purchase renoise from Shop | Renoise
  9. Reboot your computer.
  10. The keygen will definitely work by now.

Ha ha, great!

But you missed 5 Steps:
9. Reboot your computer.
10. The keygen will definitely work by now.
11. Download “Sample Kit” from Backstage-Area
12. Reboot your computer
13. Unzip “Sample Kit” to a folder you like
15. Reboot your Computer and start now Renoise!