Renoise Knock-Out Tournament - Round 2 - Results Are In!

Round 2 results are in!

Rules are same as the first , except the tracking time limit is now 3.5 hours!

Samplepack link

You could (of) made it so you can see names next to votes and thus know which are by the participants though.

Right, I think I did that

I can’t tell without voting so couldn’t tell you mate ;)

Would have to change the name to “Renoise Knock-out 3+ hour tournament”. And I know how hard it is to change a title of a spreadsheet. Almost impossible!! :ph34r:

No time limit? :blink: We’d never get to turn in out creations!! :badteeth:

No time limit but still a deadline you silly billy :P

I would prefer that the eliminated players continue to vote in part because it amounts to more judges and also because we need more than two votes in the final ;)

Also, I’ll try to actually vote this time, ;) but stuff got funny very suddenly. If there are issues I will try to report.

He meant voting in the poll, since the eliminated players don’t really have a stake in it. Well, except Suva, if he’ll be making the remixta episode.

Otherwise I agree that more votes can’t be bad. In fact, my gf asked if she can vote, and I had the idea of creating a “popular-opinion vote”, where anyone and anything can vote, but it wouldn’t count for winning in the tournament.

Anyway, I must say all the options except ‘no limit’ are fine with me. No limit reduces the adrenaline rush too much. :badteeth:

Some others have to vote anyway. This round may be acceptable with fewer votes, but semifinals can only have 2:0 or 1:1 results, and finals could only have 0:0 result :)

Yeah, voting by everyone is still encouraged!

OK, poll results are:

3 hours (Robbie S, td6d, E.H.V.A.H. SDC)
4 hours (rhowaldt, cralias)
no limit (chunter, keith303)

And Chotoro has said anything is fine except no limit.
It seems everything is weighted toward the limit…

How about this: 3.5 hours for this round. :)

Send me some samples! So far I have only received 1 sample. If I don’t receive anything in the next day or so, I’ll go ahead and put together another pack and start round 2.

OK, Round 2 begins!!!

Round 2 deadline: 2011-07-28 12:00 noon EST (GMT -5)

Rules are same as the first , except the tracking time limit is now 3.5 hours!

Samplepack link (should be available soon)… Sorry, it’s on Easyshare again. Keith, can I get another mirror? For some reason I can’t upload to loopproject from work.

The Samplepack is based on SDcompo round 23. Also includes your sample Robbie. Apologies that I couldn’t get something original together, but only 1 person sent me a sample :) Since half of you are SDcompo competitors, I had to make sure to find samples from a round that none of you participated in :)

Good luck everyone!

Ha! My sweet voice made it to the sample-pack! :D I’ll be heard all over the world. moahaha

3,5hrs :D that’s a whopping 16,66% increase. guess we’ll hear some really polished stuff now ;) ;)
i’m a little late this time, but here’s the mirror:

IF you can advance to the next round you might get it increased to 4hrs! i doubt you’ll make it through though. some pretty tough competition around here.

edit: :) <-- a smiley because sarcastic jokes do not come across over the internet


powerlessly shakes fist in air

I reckon anybody who has been here for over 5 years yet only has 62 posts much be a force to be reckoned with! Means you actually use Renoise rather than sitting about on the internet talking about it ;)

Good luck everybody though :)

a depressingly good point here.

nooooooooo i messed up the captcha and now i have to wait 15 minutes for the sample pack! grmblz!

I’m one and a half hour in and I think I’m feeling pretty confident (although I’m trying something I’ve never done before).
Surely 3,5 hours is more than enough!?

it better be, otherwise i will be the one beating your ass :)