Renoise marketing should take inspiration from this...

The intro video and the comparison chart did it for me… Yeah make beats like the pros… yeah

Served to me by the wonderful targeted Facebook ads…

We’ve seen (and laughed at) this thing quite a few times over at Renoise HQ ;)


Hahaha. That comparison chart is hilarious.

Also love those “send your money quick! The price might rise soon!” -notes. Haha. 300$ discount. That’s just too damn obvious.

But to think one could gain the power to adjust low high and mid tones separately… Have to send money!

I was half-expecting them to start promoting their innovative Blast Processing.


Drawing: “don’t use complicated shit with a million sliders and a bazillion knobs like the pros do!”
Dr. Drum operating screen: a million sliders and a bazillion knobs.

Drawing: “Maintain your rep using the 16/44.1 standard”
Industry: “WTF dude where’s my 24/96”

Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

Does it come with a manual? :)

Currently only 329.95€ 29.95€ (while stocks last).

Yes. It would fit the profile, if they actually had a ‘stock’ of digital copies, which would diminish download after download… Until the last dr.drum has been downloaded from the server. Wow.

So I learned we’ve all been doing it wrong: learning sht about sampling, audio, compression, EQing, arranging, mixing, mastering, synthesis, acoustics, engineering was not helping us, it was driving us AWAY from the professional beat-making! No wonder I had long days of hard time and never got close to my expectations!! So I have a message to the devs of Renoise: stop using mp3s for samples! :D Give us more samples! (complete loopmasters collection would be enough Make them of a higher quality! No wonder my productions sounded as sht - your samples were bad! And stop with all these complicated DSPs, automation lanes, sample keyzones screens and non-understable terms - just the buttons - make song, mix song, master song, upload song! :D
I’m actually thinking about buying it just to find out what is true about that :D :D

Shit! So THATS why all those record bozo’s laughed in my face!
I should have used (how did they call it?) Oh yeah, WAV! files!!

Now I know the industry secret, AaAHAAHhAhawhaHAAHAH

off to make a banger beat


If I knew that earlier I never started tracking! damn

I could use that… next to my dick enlargement lessons and chick pickup tricks and six pack shortcuts and all the other kind of fast money making, fast chicks stuff Never knew what was behind it, cause i fortunately don’t have a credit card, but this way i at least get to know what kind of loser-level you need to be to purchase that stuff

“But wait, there’s more!”…

What do you make of this?

Behind the link is an obvious infoguised ad-page for three “beat-making softwares”, of which dr.drum is one. To me it seems obvious that at least the “sonic producer” is from the same company as dr.drum. It’s of course hard to tell, because there’s NO INFO ABOUT THE COMPANY SELLING THE PRODUCTS. But is this “btvsolo” in the same boat? To me it seems so. Also seems like it’s targeted (and featured) somewhat differently although the price is roughly the same… Hmm. It’s like I’m falling down a weird rabbit hole. Of crap.

It’s better to stop before you accidentally buy something you don’t want. You might find out you accidentally agreed to having your credit card charged monthly for a year’s supply of diet placebos.

and mash(ups)!!!*

*only in DR.DRUM PROducer xtra xtended version

haha! hillarious :)

Yeah, well, they do mention this somewhere, but always in tiny fonts and in some cases not earlier than somewhere around the end just before you decide to do the actual purchase. I have seen this trick so many times for the past few decades i’m around on the net so i usually distrust offers of these kinds and usually they are credit card only.

I’ll be top-billin’ in no time! :lol:

Looks like the same people behind this to me, they are using the same selling techniques… I thought thing was some kind of parody when I first saw it!
But then look at the header on this page the promo dude’s wearing Beats Audio headphones… so thats who this thing is targeted at… all makes sense now

Am I the only one that actually thought it WAS a nice marketing presentation? The illustrations and the voiceover were really good. The only problem is the actual copy, and even more the product itself was obviously pretty underwhelming (I’m being nice).

But seriously, that was about… well it felt like 3 minutes long of custom illustrations and voiceover. Thats a lot of work. The title of this thread and original poster might have been joking, but in terms of the home page presentation I think the dr drum web demo was nice and Renoise absolutely could use something like that to better explain what it does to beginner users.

I know it used the old long-copy format, with the lower price, the sense of urgency ‘act now’ etc… so that part wasn’t great. But seriously, they put a lot of work into that web demo. Probably about as much as they did the actual software! Am I the only one that thought that?