Renoise meetup/workshop in Berlin

UPDATE: date and place is now in place.

Saturday the 26th September 2015 - 18:00 - 23:00
The venue is a small gallery space in Friedrichshain:

Liebigstrasse 12
12047 Berlin

There is no entrance or registration to worry about. To participate, just show up.

Link to Facebook event:

Last time Renoise did something like this, it was part of the music hack day which took place in the MTV headquarters. But I think it’s safe to say that this event will be situated in a much less high-profile venue.

The idea is to make it an open workshop, bring-your-own-device kind of affair. I was prompted to do this by the lack of proper Push support in Renoise, being the maintainer of the Duplex framework.
And so, the workshop will focus on the Renoise API, and generally the more nerdy aspects of our software. I know that Palo van Dalo (creator of the Steppor sequencer, among other things) is also keen to meet other hackers.

But you don’t need to be a programmer to participate - just come by with a laptop or USB stick, and share some of your own productions. Can’t promise a big PA system, but we’ll see.

I am the one organizing and hosting this event, and it would be great to have some more Renoise team members come by.
But essentially, this is simply a chance to “make something happen” - meet other people, get inspired etc.

sounds good, if time & day is right im in. looking forward to meeting you guys :))

Sounds great. Count me in!

Will this maybe recorded and uploaded to YT? Would be nice for everyone who cantparticipate.

Will this maybe recorded and uploaded to YT? Would be nice for everyone who cantparticipate.

Good question.

I know that I’m going to give a small talk about scripting, and someone else might have a similar idea.

Of course, only if people is willing to put themselves in front of a camera… important to respect that.

Perhaps record the entire session - and then edit it down to the YT format would make sense.

I’m in if work allows it. Any ideas on a venue so far?

Brilliant idea! Currently in Budapest ATM but you gave us a great idea - maybe doing a Renoise/tracker meetup in other cities could be a great idea as well! Bestest of luck to the Berlin posse!

The Berlin demoparty “Deadline” will be from the 2nd - 4th of October 2015 in the ORWO Haus. There will be also a tracking compo - so very likely some Renoiseusers will come (eg me)

The venue is also great imo

perhaps this can be connected?

Whenthe meetupis announced well in advance or will be on a weekend, then I would say I am close to Berlin (I live 450 km away).

Good idea. Count me in as well.

Sounds awesome. It’s not gonna happen for me this year though. My fly to Berlin from Montreal for the weekend budget has been exhausted on other travel plans :wink:

Good luck.

Whenthe meetupis announced well in advance or will be on a weekend, then I would say I am close to Berlin (I live 450 km away).

Hey, that’s the spirit - “close to Berlin, 450 km”, autobahn, oder?

I guess Sunday is not that bad here. Would be better than, say, a Wednesday?

Time for an UPDATE - asdate and place is now settled on.

The venue is a small gallery space in Friedrichshain - very nice and friendly people there.
See first post for details.

And yes, there will be a schedule for the evening -
even if it’s very loosely organized I want to have a couple of fixtures -

First of all, I am going to present a crazy new tool, xStream. Keywords: live coding, DIY sequencer thingamebob.
I will release it next week, so you can try it out before the workshop. Buthere is a screenshot to whet your appetites.

Another focus of mine is to bring more controller support to Renoise, via the Duplex project. This is more of an
on-going process - however, if someone has a Push controller, don’t forget to bring it :slight_smile:

Secondly, Mr. Palo van Dalo has agreed to come and play some sounds using Steppor, his homebrewed sequencer.

And this, I guess, is the second part. I do love to talk, but we should not forget to play.

this is cool, wish i lived in berlin :frowning:

Going by the success of this event, perhaps we could host one in the London / Brighton area some time??

Let’s make it happen in London.

Thank you very much again for this meetup! It was a pleasure getting to know the faces behind Renoise and some of its awesome tools. You guys really rock, all of you!

Looking forward to the next one! :smiley:

Would have loved being there! …report / video / pics please, or it didn’t happen! :slight_smile: NO CATS

Turned out we were six people + our host - just enough to make it worthwhile.

The venue was great, and it was truly great to meet some of you guys.

Palo van Dalo started by going through his creation, Stepp0r, bit by bit

(hint: every Launchpad owner absolutely needs to check out this tool, it has become awesome)

That kind of shifted into me talking about my new tool, xStream.

As it turned out that everybody was a software developer in one way or another, it was well received :slight_smile:

After my presentation, taktik gave a little inpromptu concert using xStream ‘random increase’ and various mutated presets.

I really hope we have some footage of this part, because it sounded wonderful and bizarre!!

Third leg involved going to an Indian restaurant, then beer and schnapps :smiley:

We did shoot some video of the event, but on a laptop which is now back in the Renoise HQ.

So, in a few days …

I can only agree. The meeting was very positive constructive and enjoyable. Thank you for your feedback to my plugin and thanks for the nice meeting.