Renoise on Flattr

For those who haven’t heard about it, Flattr is a site and service that makes it easy to donate to creators. As they write:

I wish Renoise had a Flattr page I could donate to. I’d love to set up a subscription that could net Renoise some dollars every month. With enough subscribers, there’s hope this could make a difference in the budget and help with the development of the next version.

You could buy another licence ;)

That is called extending your own license on the backstage page.
You get a discount on the current price for the future versions that you buy into.
Hint:the current price has raised with every new version as this also affects the discounted price, so if you extend a couple of versions, you circumvent a discount price based on raised price of the new version.

This has been asked for years. Not Flattr specifically but donations in general. I had my own thread thread about this in 2007. There are dozens more if you search. The answer has always been a resounding no thanks.

I would also like to be able to donate Bitcoins (when I have any.)
If you do not want them yourself you could allways use them as give away for compo prices or whatever.

There are also many plugin developers to whom I would send bitcoins (not a whole one right anymore.) but as a buy you a beer or two thanks.

While I understand the Renoise developer’s fear of accepting donations, I believe that the amount being donated through Flattr would be so minimal per user that there wouldn’t be any expectation to receive anything back for a donation. Giving $2 or so every month would just feel good for me and would be given as a small token of gratitude for what I think is an amazing product. While being able to buy more licenses certainly works, that’s a much more clear statement involving expectations and obligations for both parties. I would much rather donate smaller amounts of money for no other reason than why I would give some pocket change to a beggar or donate money to an open source project I love.

I wasn’t aware of taktik’s own perspective on these matters, so thanks to Conner_Bw for digging up this post:

It’s a policy that is kept maintained, so there is no use attempting to convince any of them otherwise.