Renoise songs by strobotone

This cinematic soundtrack is part of a commercial project which works as background music.
Intensity and melodics build up towards the end
I am not entirely happy with the arrangement but you have to finish something at the end of the day.


appreciated … at last.

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Another demoscene release for a friend from norway :slight_smile:
Original version by Response ^ Darklite

Spotify album can be found here :…VQDZWIZwGckHQkxP

'86 sci-fi style electronica in its full glory.
Some tendencies to TV themes from that era.

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Used as lounge background music in a commercial project.

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Electro Industrial

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Stab on the breaks - we are spilling acid !


Cinematic collection

A funky homage to early synthesizers from the 70s and 80s,


The Cold reminded me of Martin Grech. Good work.

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Well thank you for your kind words. I appreciate it.

“stuntmen don’t electroshave”
this tune kicks, specially the drums and the groove! i like how punchy it gets

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Glad you like it.
There are quite a few sliced up drum fragments of 50s/60s breaks in it which were a challenge to eq and mix, given their ages.

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Unfortunately it sounds really bad on SoundCloud.

Soundcloud re-encodes all files that get delivered to them.

I can hear in the snare drum of your latest project, that it has its audio quality altered from re-encoding too much.

What you can do to prevent this:
-upload .flac (with tags) to soundcloud
-do not sample from low quality sources (mp3, 8-bit samples, re-encoded samples)
-add white noise to your snare drum to compensate the loss of the high frequencies in the sample (with a sample or generator, a (sample instrument or LFO) enveloppe, reverbration, gate, exciter, equalizer)

About “the early bird”:
I like the music and the sounds of the synthesizers. Good pumping synthwave and the alikes. The drums do not really match the genre, they are way too creative and samba. But I love the song!

I do upload all tracks uncompressed ofcourse.
But as far as streaming services go, SoundCloud is really bad (compared to Bandcamp for example).
Especially if you upload material with a bit more high frequency content.
So, it is a bit sad that the streaming quality is as low or even lower than 128 kbit/s.
Even if one has a pro account.

Agreed - the drums don’t really go with the synths.
But the tune does not really focus on a specific genre anyway.

the early bird’s my fav here. very fun. dig how clean all your mixes sound. big up!

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We are far too dependent on technology.

This deep and experimental techno track captures some moods of the current times.
Builds up for a while on top of melodic polyrhythms.
I rarely have the opportunity to finish a tune or to use monitors (especially since the pandemic) -
so this one took about a year (on and off).
I tried to transform frustration and stress into something good.