Renoise Vs Buzz

Recently I saw a Buzz demonstration on youtube by the legendary demoscener Andrew Sega, and to be honest, Buzz looked to me very promising.

I heard about trackers a long time ago, but I never used one since recently. So day to day I’m learning new stuff. I want to ask, what are the pros of Renoise against Buzz? Since in Buzz you can create several trackers which will be played at the same time. And this really is a BIG advantage.

With Renoise, you don’t NEED more than one tracker.
I can’t think of a bigger pro

each time such a question arises on the forum, I reply that Renoise is way more flexible than BUZZ, with which I only have seen people making techno, ambient or trance, and each time some BUZZ user appears and bashes me because some classical music made with BUZZ is supposed to exist. so, to the next BUZZ user who is going ot bash me: please provide links, thanks.

ps: of course, if you just need to make techno, ambient or trance, BUZZ may be your unstable friend.

I’ve heard amazing things done with Buzz. But unless things have changed drastically, the thing is quite unstable. I guess you pay for versatility with random crashes. I’m not willing to make that trade.

In addition, Renoise is the slicker package. It’s got less, shall we say, bullshit.

That said, sequencers are like martial arts. It’s about how good you are with them, not how good the tool is.

Versatility doesn’t mean an app has to be unstable…

I wouldn’t trade Renoises stability for anything either (that’s why Buzz was never really an option for me, I can’t get in the zone when the program keeps crashing on me heh, that’s like creativity 101)… but I sure admire the routing of Buzz, and the ability to reuse tracks and not just whole patterns (maybe not so much the user interface side of it), and always will bitch about this until the end of time :panic:

First of all im use buzz 9-10years now! i use it lots of my professional work.
And 4 months i buy renoise.

Renoise vs Buzz is a very bad idea to discuss tha 2 Software is 99% not same. 1% is Tracker.

Renoise use the old classic way for tracking.
Buzz is never use FT2 style Tracking.

Renoise is really usefull for all music genre.
Buzz is really usefull for all style of music.

Renoise hase some leaks is Modularity.
Buzz is Full Modular.

Buzz has many way for connections. Tons of nice Instruments and effects.
Renoise has only one way/track. Nice Basic Effects and no Instruments.

Renoise has WaveEditor.
Buzz has too but not so good, maybe it is bad.

  • Soundforge and Wavelab is For wave Editing!

The 2 soft use VSTi or VST.
So only the composer judge what need or wat he use.

Im use EWQL Symphonic inside Buzz and inside Renoise.
We’re use buzz for special effects (in this year, im compose in renoise)!
In Renoise im not get the same freedom, only two thing :

  • Simply “sequencer”, but that is not a seq. only one row…
  • And the freedom of connecting effects

btw latest buzz has the same seq like FT2 or Renoise. IF YOU NEED, you can combine like everything in Buzz

This is why RNS not vs Buzz and Buzz not vs RNS!

this is something like Logic Audio vs CUbase!
or Audicity vs Wavelab…

I have been using Buzz for many years too and i like the freedom it has but the reason why i changed it to renoise is stability. Buzz itself is not the problem but the (native) plugins you use in it. There is hundreds of plugins and you need to find out which ones are stable and which are not. Even worst, same plugin may work on yours but not for your friends comp. And i got sick of that every time i opened a saved song, i didn’t know if it was corrupted by bad plugin or not.

so many buzz fans there lately.
maybe its the fact that oskari is working on it again.

and as im nursing my buzz- folder daily i can tell you there are some really nice new features/machines.

every music-software has its own gem.
better ask such question to google.

Not sure if it has changed since the last time I used Buzz.


Buzz vs. Renoise

Pro Buzz:

Buzz has a fairly good “arranger” that would be nice to have in Renoise or something similar.
To be honest it’s a bit stupid to duplicate patterns just because you want to change one track in it.
Then again it’s not a huge deal but would be good to have.
In Buzz you can route effects easily and it’s easy to see in an overview what is going to do.

Cons Buzz:

MIDI-support, g-d damn it was bad in Buzz (when I used it), it was up to each instrument if it supported MIDI or not, who came up with that idea ?
Controling external gear, not funny.
Crashes, bad sample editor, ugly (sorry :D ), instruments and effects changed sound depending on version.
I remember a reverb that had a lovely “hang/release” of the sounds, the next version it was gone.
Due to errors or not, it was not funny when the sound you created was not the same anymore.
Of course I didn’t check that before I got rid of the old version of the effects (who knew).

I’m a happy camper with Renosie.
Some new features would be great, arranger, nibbles :) and so forth but overall I find that Renoise is so much more mature than Buzz.
I like that it’s a program you have to pay for (if you register of course), I also like the affordable price.

Wait few year and all Renoise users will use Buzz

You forget about one thing:Renoise will do a lot more than today in a few years, most likely it does enough to keep all Renoise users happy.

you can use all your favorite (unstable) Buzz machines in Renoise too:

i’ve been using ft2 in the 90s, then switched to buzz. what i love about it is the two dimensional song order.
now i work on renoise for almost 5 years and must say it was really pleasant to go back to stable environment.

Today there are sooooo many VST plugs (free or commercial) so there is no reason to use the native buzz plugs… which was not the situation when Buzz started off…

I think the major difference appart from the obvious feature difference is that Renoise is a commercial software where you can expect support and bug will get solved. Buzz on the other hand is for free but has not been developed for 8-9(?) years and now Oskari just started to develop some new features but only he and God knows if that will continue of we will have another silent period. I’m not complaining - but it’s different. I see no reason not using both. A good craftsman can have use for more than one tool in his toolbox…

the buzz clone …‘Buze’ works like a charm …( no crashes etc…)
It’s just the worklow…which I can’t really get a hold on …I’ll stick to renoise thank you

I could never get Buzz… such a strange interface. The ONLY thing that made sense was the effect routing.

I gave Buzz an honest chance some years ago, but Skale won the fight back then.

I love Buzz. The fact that it was so unstable made me move on to Renoise. Of course it was mostly the faulty Buzz Machines causing the trouble, but I remember the VST support wasn’t really good back then either. I never regretted making this step back in 2005, Renoise offers everything I need. Still… Buzz was awesome, esspecially the modular routing stuff.

yeah that modular routing stuff looks really appealing. might check buzz out