Request: Show Note Letter While Track Is Collapsed?

request: show note letter while track is collapsed?

heya, this came up in #renoise, thought i’d post it as i think it’s a good idea.


when cursor is on a notecolumn, show notecolumn on the bottom status_bar.
when cursor is on an effectcolumn, show effect name + parameters on the bottom status_bar.
easier to learn what effects are, and uhh, just useful.
edit: the "show effect name + parameter on status_bar when cursor is on effect_column with effect"received a load of +1’s back when.

status bar would work yeah… but i can imagine that will be a bit annoying… having it in the pattern would give a faster overview?

sharp notes (c#) could be a problem, they could use another color perhaps?

Returning to previous threads, I really wanted there to be a method of discerning when it’s a note and when it’s a note-off, and nobody wanted that.

can be solved easily:

when cursor is on c-4 , show c. when cursor is on c#4, show C.