Resynth2 Released

Yes I am aware of this bug. Essentially, the defaults use math.db2lin twice by accident, hence you get a strange value.

Things have got a bit busy outside of Renoise for me, so I’m just finalizing ReSynth 2.2 and will post it on the tools page this evening. Hope this will be in time for the competition (2.2 is backwards compatible anyway)

2.2 has the following changes:

  • Fixed the default volume bug
  • Defaults are oscillators 2, 3 and 4 to volume = off (easier to start with one audible oscillator and turn up the others)
  • Fixed the waveforms list refresh with only one folder
  • Automatic wavetable oscillator selection waveform loading
  • Automatic waveform looping for small samples (<256 sample frames)

I can’t wait :)

Okay, now that I*ve tested 2.2 a bit, here:

  1. If an oscillator already has loop on (i.e. , I load a 2048 byte sample in, and resynth2 goes "nuh-uh, not gonna give you a loop - but i switch it on myself) - when loading a different waveform,keep loop on.
    now i have to constantly switch loop back to “on” when im loading different waveforms in. the reason i propose that loop-mode be kept on even after loading a sample, is because this would be cleaner (i guess?) than me comin over to this thread and asking for 2048… then maybe 4096… or maybe someone else would like only 32 byte samples to have loops… this way you don’t have to alter the loop-loading code, i guess?

  2. cmd-a / cmd-l commands ( “select whole sample” and “set loop to selection” in the SampleEditor) are not passed through by ReSynth 2.2 gui. you can probably see why i keep encountering this issue ;)

  3. when switching to a new subfolder, the dropdownmenu below the folder should be kept empty, until one loads something. currently it changes to whichever wavefile you might wish to display, but the waveform is not loaded. it’s a bit confusing.

  4. when really quickly moving the pitch to lowest knob-position, you don’t necessarily always get -24, sometimes -21, sometimes -12, sometimes -16, sometimes -13, sometimes -10. then one moves the knob slightly up, and it’s reset to -24. is there a way for resynth to realize that the user has moved the knob to lowestmost point?

  5. when starting the gui, all waveform dropdown menus have text in them. can this also be made so that the lower dropdownmenu for the waveform is empty, and the higher just reads “click to load waveform” or something like that?

  6. the gui issue continues, but this is between renoise, the OS and the gui window (i.e., have resynth window selected, cmd-tab away, cmd-tab back, and lo&behold, cannot keyjazz from the pckeyboard before clicking on the pattern editor.

  7. same with the opening of the gui from scratch (new resynth instrument), pc keyboard is still lost, until one clicks on the pattern editor. i guess 6-7 have been reported to the devteam in general.

Not sure if it’s ideal but what about a Loop checkbox in the ReSynth GUI? I noticed that, when the ReSynth GUI has focus (with 2.1) you can no longer see which part of Renoise has Focus so in a way I would not expect anything but Notes and possibly Global shortcuts to know where they should be passed to by a key-handler.

Maybe I am wrong. Maybe all keys can be made to pass. Maybe some commands could be forced to control certain areas (but then would Ctrl+A select all of selected sample or all samples?) Or maybe Renoise devs need to look into how main application Focus works when a script GUI has main focus…

Yeah I mentioned that for 2.1 above. Happens for most of the knobs and only when changing values down (to minimum) for some reason.

Other points are beyond my plays yet…

I can set the defaults to loop on across the whole sample if that is what people prefer.

The tool passes all keys back to Renoise. Maybe a Renoise issue? Does the sample editor have focus before the Renoise GUI is opened?

Agree, I think there should be a better way around this but I’ll have to think about it and other non-Renoise things are taking my time at the moment. Hope this is fine for now.

Seems to be a ViewBuilder GUI issue, I have replicated before but there doesn’t appear to be anything to control it within the scripts.

See 3 above.

Not a ReSynth specific issue. I did open a bug report for it here.

I get ReSynth focus on new resynth instrument from a menu item (instrument box or main tools menu) but not the keybinding (as per the bug report linked in 6 above). Maybe you have multiple tools conflicting?

Anyway, I hope you can live with the small GUI bugs for now. Some are out of my control and I have other non-Renoise things to focus on at the moment.

If it does get used for a compo I look forward to listen to the results.

Had a bug;

open up a new instance of this tool, do some tweaking in the synth maybe, press ctrl+n in Renoise for a new song, the tool window will remain open and tweaking a parameter will give you:

ctrl+n again:

Be good to hear an entry from you but sounds like you might have much other stuff on your plate at the moment…


request, toggles for NNA

Confirmed. Version 2.3 will hook into song closing and close down the interface to the bound instrument.

Just treat the instrument as a normal XRNI. All oscillator settings are stored in the sample names to continue editing. However, with this method, users who do not have ReSynth installed can still use the instrument (due to the prerendered waveforms).

Agreed. To be added in 2.3.

mxb: second request - a third menu entry / shortcut, which is “Create ReSynth instrument in this instrument”. Does not overwrite midi port or VST/Au synthesizer settings. However, does do this for the sample-data (next iteration would be to actually move the sampledata away from the ReSynth specific slots which you always use - but that’s pie in the sky feature request area)

I also have a small feature request. How about right clicking on a knob resets it to the default value? At the moment you can reset all the knobs but resetting just one you have to do manually which is a bit of a pain. This might also be groovy for FMsynth!

I agree it would be useful. However, I don’t think you can receive click events in the ViewBuilder API for rotary controls (only change value events).

I would be happy to be proved wrong here though!

Can you have overlaid items in the ViewBuilder? From what I remember the answer is No. If you could then transparent Bitmaps over the buttons seems to allow buttons presses etc. Although maybe the would stop you actually being able to get to the knob underneath… I also can’t see any evidence right-click is supported as a separate action to normal/left-click.

API feature request?

+1 on this one. ctrl-click, shift-click, alt-click, cmd-click, anything to reset it back to zero. mind you, i wouldnt mind having a -24, -12, 0, +12, +24 available to me in the pitch transposition area, directly. but i can understand that not everyone wants this kinda stuff.

That is kind of a pain. I guess having a “reset” button under each rotary control would be too cluttered. Thanks for considering it though!


According mxb on the previous page, rotary controllers probably don’t take click commands.

mxb, i know you’re busy doing pretty much everything (!) but you might want to look at this thread, since it transformed into a feature request/query, relating to your resynth2.

I want to make the waveforms folder to be a shortcut or under linux, a softlink. I’m gonna look at the code tomorrow if it’s possible (ln -s worked under linux while running renoise so it should be possible :D).