Rotating pattern blocks

Hey dudes,had a cool idea last night that I think some of you may like.The basic idea is that when you hover over a block in the pattern matrix there would be an option to rotate the whole pattern (in selected block) by a certain number of lines either backwards or forwrds, this could be set in song options (number of lines of rotation) and depending on if you click and the drag the block from the top or bottom, this would determine direction. I believe this tool would give rise to a lot of unusual rhythms and song structures. It kind of turns the matrix blocks into like a rotating abacus or something similar


There is this tool but i don’t think it works on the matrix

Yeah I have that tool,good tool but like you said it does not work on the matrix.even if it did however this still wouldn’t be sufficient as i would prefer the option of just clicking a block and rotating it, easy as pie.

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