Sample groups in sampler

While setting up a very simple layered drum set I realized that we definitely need something like sample groups for organization.
Basically, the idea is that samples can be put into groups. If you assign a modulation to this group, it will affect all samples in this group (on top of the individual modulations!). Also, groups should be toggled to show/hide their content. I only used 8 samples in my drum set, and even with those few it was terribly easy to lose the overview! There is just a long list of samples used in the instrument. No relation between them is shown at all. Samples that conceptually go together, should also somehow be put together in the interface. All my samples for the kick should go into a kick group, all for the snare into a snare group. With this hierarchy I can easily affect the whole kick or the whole snare in one position (while being able to affect each individually as well).


actually this seems to be the cleanest way to solve this