Sample overlap option

This suggestion is from a japanese user.
Please open this example song and see the “01 Duty envelope” instrument.
It is a bit special instrument, it changes 2 overlapping samples quickly by using simple phrase.

He set the “Overlap mode” to Cycle and make a Phrase with 2 notes, since he want to trigger sample A -> sample B very quickly, to make a kind of chiptune sound.

But sometimes it is triggered B -> A. It is not the order that he expects.

At first, we thought this might be a bug, but it seems not, since the Cycle mode seems start from a random sample when the triggering note is changed. It’s make sense for rhythmic samples, but his purpose is different.

So, he want another “Overlap” option, it’s like current Cycle mode, but it always starts from the first layered sample.

Arr, can you understand what I mean?? (sorry for my poor explanation ;)/> )

The round robin option needs a reset option just like the LFO has

Check out this related discussion?

Thanks for mentioning. B) I did not notice it.
(Probably I had seen the topic roughly, but I didn’t understand what people talked about exactly. Now I can realize it.)