Sample Start Points (In The Sample Editor)

Having an adjustable (and in a perfect world, midi mappable) Sample Start Point in the Sample Editor has got to be the only thing I’m really missing in the otherwise amazing sampler.
The reasons being:
The slice function is cool but manually chopping and sample mapping custom instruments is a lot more flexible.
Chopping with start points is a lot quicker than highlighting and trimming (especially if the parameter can be linked to a midi controller)
It’s nice to be able to trim samples non-destructively.

Any takers?


Doesn’t the Slice tool (not Autoslice) in the Sample Editor already do this? Or do I not understand?

Problem with Slices is you are then limited to not being able to map each to a range of keys. I guess this is where your problem lies. You want to change start position but still have it across the keyboard, without destructively cutting the sample…

Ive done the best I can in my upcoming next versoin of renoise tool MPE

kazakore: slice tool is not midi mappable I think thats what muckleby means…

Plus you have to mess around copying and pasting into the ‘master’ sample if you want to include material from 2 or more sources, instead of just picking another sample for whichever keyzone you want.
And perhaps most of all - having a single midi controllable start point is makes finding chop points REALLY fast and natural.
Maschine users will know exactly what I mean.

Niceone, MPE is great! So many handy functions.
And this way of chopping is one of the MPCs main strengths IMO, very cool you’ve emulated it.
Can’t wait to check out the new version.

Think what you really want is to control the [i]Selection[/b] then, rather than slice markers, otherwise you are still going to run into exactly the sample problems! See my initial reply below.

MIDI Control selection start/end. (See below on previewing.)
Shift+Alt+Up/Down (or MIDI map again if possible, it most likely is on the API) to select sample slot.)
(Copy and Paste could probably be assigned to MIDI buttons too.)

Using slices is never going to work for this! Maybe a slight problem with previewing selection over MIDI? The Return key does it from the computer keyboard though and it’s likely to be in the API. Seems to want a fair number of button in total but that is fine as long as it’s a single mode/page of the controller I guess.

I think this should really be a Tool/Script suggestion, rather than a general Renoise one…

Original reply, still thinking in terms of Slices.

What you’re suggesting isn’t going to change that. Sliced samples are always mapped across the range and not free like a normal instrument!

Sure you might like to be able to adjust start and end point by MIDI, a little tool that will sense where the cursor is and then adjust the markers either side of it with a couple of knobs. How would they work? A middle area = no change, lower moves marker back (getting faster), higher moves forwards (getting faster) as with MIDI’s 127 values you would have less precision than the 09xx commands if it was done discretely.

But still you are going to have to copy your slices into a new instrument.

I would suggest getting used to shortcuts.
Slice you samples in different instrument.
Set Auto-Select Played to On.
Play the keys to find slick you want.
Alt+Down to Instrument
Shift+Alt+Down to Sample slot within Instrument.
Ctrl+V to past new sample.
Generate Drumkit when done (or manually map, use one of the available Tools.)

Well you can always use the slice renderer onto a sliced sample to make your life a little bit easier regarding cutting and pasting to other samples:
Then you only need to accomplish the extended keyrange mappings if you don’t like the default assignment.

Indeed. I don’t think I’ve made myself clear.
What I’m trying to say is, with Start/End points you don’t need slicers or destructive editing.
You just copy your sample to whichever instrument zones you choose, then set the different Start/End Points for each one.
Now the sample is chopped and mapped in a non-destructive, flexible way.

It’s a pretty simple feature, present on Kontakt, AKAIs, EMUs, Ableton, Maschine, most samplers tbh!
Even just to be able to non-detructively trim (non-mapped) samples is really useful.
Surprisingly Renoisers don’t seem too fussed about it though?

+100000 for this

and this would also be a great way to deal with this problem => Instead of selecting the area I could just move the starting point marker through the sample and start playing the notes with the keyboard.

Out of curiosity, I just checked bitwig sampler and it lets you do that perfectly. I need this in renoise so badly :(

Just found myself really craving this option…so a big +1 for me too

Would also like to be able to modulate the start/end loop with an LFO if possible


Missing this feature as well. I don’t always want to commit to start and end points by trimming. Sometimes you want to leave a bit of meat to be able to finetune later.


Yeah, this would be great. All sorts of creative stuff you could do with this, like a starting point that creeps forward or backward per step.


+1 for this. Just got Renoise and surprised it doesn’t already have this feature. Hopefully it gets implemented.

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+1 from me too. Another person was just asking about this in discord too. I came here hoping to find an answer. Hopefully it gets considered soon.

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yeah i don’t comprehend why this is something that we can’t script and midi control

Would be great in combination with some randomization pattern command and/or instrument editor control as well, giving slight variation to snare onsets etc.