Sampler: LFO that doesn't re-trigger

When you use an LFO in the Modulation tab in the sampler it will always reset on note played /off i would dearly love to be able to have the lfo not re-trigger. so i can automate over time independent of the note being triggered


Usually you would use ghost notes to archive this. But ghost notes dont work with phrases. :confused:

+1 for free-running LFOs in modulation

This is also essential for mimicking any of the DXs. Not that Renoise should really care about those synths, but it was included on the industry standard synths of FM sound.


Another way of achieving this would be to allow instrument macros to be controlled by instrument DSP chains:

This would also solve any ambiguity around polyphony and independent LFOs-per-note, as there would be just one LFO pitching the entire instrument, much like an analogue polysynth would.


+1 for free-running LFOs in modulation

You can actually do this by placing an Operand in place of the LFO and assigning a Macro to the value. Then in the Track FX, use an LFO to control an Instr. Macros device that’s linked to the instrument. Now you can automate that LFO without it resetting every time a note plays.

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That’s true, nice workaround…

Although for polyphonic free running LFOs…is that taking the biscuit?

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+1 for free running lfo