Selection Deletion

You can cut, copy and drag notes of selection, but you can’t delete it. That sucks. Would be great if I could delete selected notes fast by pressing Delete. I haven’t found a way how to delete many notes at same time.

I think that the thought is that Cutting has the same effect as Deleting if you don’t paste it anywhere.

Yeah cutting is the same but just press delete would be a nice feature!!
I find myself smashing that key a lot wondering why it doesn’t work.

+1 for make the del key work like it should!

If you need that one key for it:you can assign it simply. The backspace is attached to mute/unmute track, if you don’t need that shortcut, you can assign the “copy and clear” function in the pattern editor key-bindings for that.
But you also have to reassign this key for the sample editor, instrument list etc. As all those keys are separately assigned in their own designated areas.

Yeah, but the problem with cutting a selection is that if you already have something on your clipboard that you plan on pasting around in the future, you’ll loss it as soon as you ctrl+x.

I know that I have 4 clipboards to my disposal, but why not have a simple feature like this?

alt+2, select, ctrl+x, alt+1

That’s a whole lot more than just select, “del.”

Yes!!! I second this!!!
Losing clipboard content while “deleting via cutting” is VERY annoying!!!



I can’t think of any other app than renoise which don’t use delete to delete content.

And Renoise need to be as userfriendly as possible.

I think it would still be nice to keep the normal ‘delete’ functionality whilst having a selection present. Something like Ctrl+Delete/backspace would make more sense to me, and prevent annoyance for us who are used to it’s current assignment. I do thoroughly agree that we should be able to delete selections though. +1

So perhaps combining delete note should become “delete note/selection”?
btw:you will always have to full around with the clipboard also if the contents that you selected, you want to paste in somewhere else.


+1, suggested before & one of the first things that I thought was illogical when playing with renoise for the first time!…4&hl=delete…0&hl=delete